“Honor of Kings” S29 Marco Polo Skill Analysis and Outfit Recommendations

Since Di Renjie and Hou Yi, who played the magic ball, fell from the altar, Marco Polo, who was also a shooter, was less affected, and with his long hands and the characteristics of real damage, he returned to the field of vision of everyone. Next, I will share with my friends about the skill analysis and build recommendations of S29 Marco Polo in “Honor of Kings”.

Skill analysis

Passive – chain reaction

The true damage that Marco Polo deals passively is the most important source of output for Marco Polo.

Since basic attacks and skills both cause defense damage to the enemy, for Marco Polo, attack speed and cooldown reduction are particularly important. And because Marco Polo’s range is relatively long, when the equipment is formed, Marco Polo will more easily form an advantage in the battle of attrition before laning or playing in a group, and it is very lethal to the meat tank.

Before playing in a group, pay attention to first attacking minions or wild monsters to ensure at least 100 energy points, to prevent the situation that skills cannot be released due to lack of energy when playing in a group.

1st Skill – Gorgeous Revolver

Marco Polo’s first skill is very strict on the release angle of the skill, but the damage caused by the skill is also extremely high. When Marco Polo’s attack speed is increased to more than 180%, he can fire 11 bullets. If the hit rate is high, it is possible that one skill will beat the enemy’s full-blooded hero into residual blood. In addition, the first skill has a short cooling time and a long range. It can also use its own displacement to adjust the direction. It is very effective whether it is output, consumption, road closure or grass exploration.

Because hitting the enemy with one skill can trigger the orb effect of the basic attack, it is recommended to choose equipment with the orb effect such as Doomsday, Grandmaster’s Power, etc. to cause additional damage. You can also equip the Ice Scar Grip to slow down the enemy and increase the hit rate of a skill.

Second Skill – Roaming Gun

Marco Polo’s second skill is similar to Blink, but the cooldown is only 5 seconds, which gives Marco Polo a very flexible movement, and the Summoner skill can also replace the Blink that most shooters must bring with Purification.

The first skill can be released at the same time as the second skill will not interrupt the first skill, so if the first skill is missed, you can use the second skill to adjust the position.

Three Skills – Fanatic Barrage

Marco Polo’s three skills can flash into the enemy’s pile for output, causing a lot of damage and easily triggering passive true damage.

It should be noted that the release of the three skills is finally used with the purification + pure sky skills. The third skill will last for 4 seconds, and it will be interrupted by the enemy’s control during the period. If you move or release other skills, it will also be interrupted. Release the purification + pure sky skills in advance to ensure that the three skills are full of damage.

Outfit recommendation

In terms of equipment, recommended: Quick Boots, Doomsday, Pure Sky, Dawn, Grip of Ice Scar, Witch’s Cloak

Priority is given to increasing the attack speed to over 80%, reaching the number of bullets and barrages fired by the first and third skills, and then appropriately improving the defense ability to prevent the third skill from being instantly killed after entering the field, and finally increasing the attack speed to 180% to obtain the maximum output ability .

Summoner Skill Recommendation: Purification

Use Purify to remove control effects on yourself. If you are not confident in the release position of your third skill, you can replace it with flash, and releasing flash during the release of the third skill will not interrupt the third skill.

In terms of runes, we recommend: Hunting*7, Extraction*3, Hawkeye*10, Red Moon*10

Through hunting and the red moon, Marco Polo’s attack speed is slowed to 180%, and other runes increase physical attack.