Honor Magic5 Max rendering, joins the ranks of true full screen, can not be ignored

Honor must be familiar to everyone. Now its strength is comparable to that of Huawei, and its development momentum has been strong since independence. After all, the use of Honor mobile phone chips is not restricted, and many series have fully returned, basically covering all categories. Today’s Honor can already compete with Samsung and Apple, and its comprehensive strength is obvious to all. The Magic series is of outstanding quality, especially the latest Honor Magic5 series. It can be seen from the development path of Honor that it attaches great importance to product research and development, and has always insisted on localization. The unique Magic OS

It has brought a better user experience, and I believe that there will be more new products and new technologies for Honor in the future. According to the news, the Honor Magic5 series is not over yet. There is also a large-screen video flagship named Honor Magic5 Max. Judging from the rendering of the machine, if it can be realized, the experience will not lose to the Honor Magic VS.

The Honor Magic5 Max is different. This machine will join the ranks of true full-screen. The entire screen is flawless and extremely complete. Except for the ultra-narrow black border, there will be no obstructions. Honor previously achieved a true full screen by lifting the camera, while the Honor Magic5 Max achieved it through self-developed under-screen camera technology. This is also Honor’s first under-screen integrated full-screen mobile phone, which naturally attracts attention.

It should be noted that this machine has a large-screen flagship. The integrated screen under the screen has reached 7.1 inches. It is jointly developed by BOE and Honor. It is made of new OLED materials. It has reached the 2K level, and supports 2160 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming, the brightness has reached 2100 nits, supports HDR10+ video, and the screen-to-body ratio has developed by 92%. Honor Magic5 Max combines the under-screen camera technology with a large screen, and the screen experience of this machine will reach the tablet level, which cannot be ignored.

In terms of product design, the Honor Magic5 Max does not continue the design of the Honor Magic5, but is self-contained, using a semi-elliptical camera module that borders the top of the fuselage, with a sunken feeling, and the three lenses are evenly arranged. The metal rounded middle frame is adopted, which feels very comfortable in the hand. From the overall design point of view, the machine is more recognizable than Honor Magic5. It adopts quite advanced packaging technology, and supports IP68 waterproof, and its quality is also at the forefront.

No effort has been spared in the image configuration, the three cameras are very professional, 50MP high-pixel outsole main camera, the same Sony IMX800 sensor, with 50MP ultra-wide-angle macro, 12MP periscope telephoto, and supports dual OIS optical image stabilization. The imaging configuration is similar to that of the Honor Magic 5, and it also supports eagle eye capture. With the self-developed computing imaging technology, the imaging capability has also reached the professional flagship level. It can be seen from the Honor Magic 5 Ultimate Edition that Honor’s video performance is no worse than that of Samsung and Apple. The camera effect of Honor Magic5 Max is worth looking forward to.

As a high-end imaging flagship, the performance is naturally at the same level as the Honor Magic5, which is beyond doubt. The 4nm Snapdragon 8Gen2 processor, from Snapdragon 8Gen1 to Snapdragon 8Gen2, has a great change in technology and architecture, performance and power consumption control The ability has been greatly improved, and the stability has been achieved to the extreme, which is more suitable for Honor mobile phones. Judging from the performance of various Snapdragon 8Gen2 new phones, they are quite perfect. In addition, there are UFS4.0 flash memory and LPDDR5X flagship memory, which will be equipped with 16GB+1TB version. Integrating with Magic OS, the overall performance is worth looking forward to.

Honor Magic5 Max battery life configuration is quite shocking, with ample body space, the battery capacity is very shocking, reaching 6000 mAh, the real super battery life flagship, it is hard to see in the flagship mobile phone, you don’t have to worry about the phone running out of power when you go out. The charging rate is still quite stable at 100 watts, and it supports 50 watts of wireless fast charging. The battery life is obvious to all.

The Honor Magic5 Max cannot be ignored. It integrates various new technologies. It uses the under-display camera technology for the first time. It has a 7.1-inch 2K high-definition full-screen display with outstanding visual effects. With the Snapdragon 8Gen2 flagship three-piece suit. There is also a 50MP flagship triple camera that supports computational photography. The 6000 mAh large battery is quite eye-catching, and it supports IP68 waterproof. The product design and hardware configuration are extremely perfect. However, the machine is currently in the concept stage, and it is uncertain when it will be released. Users who want to start a new phone can consider the Honor Magic 5. Although it was released not long ago, it also has a good price/performance ratio. The 8GB+256GB is only 3999 yuan.

Honor Magic5 has outstanding appearance and performance. The body adopts the new Muse Eye, which feels comfortable in the hand. It has a 1.5K high refresh rate OLED screen and supports 2160 Hz high-frequency PWM dimming. The rear-mounted Sony IMX800 triple main camera supports eagle eye camera capture and can achieve 50x telephoto photography. Built-in Snapdragon 8Gen2 flagship three-piece set and Magic OS, equipped with a 5100mAh high-capacity battery, supports 66W fast charging. Since its release, the favorable rate is as high as 98%, and its strength should not be underestimated.

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