Honor is heartbreaking, 16GB+512GB is as low as 1,706 yuan, 5800mAh+100 million pixels

Honor is heartbreaking, 16GB+512GB is as low as 1,706 yuan, 5800mAh+100 million pixels

Speaking of the Honor brand, many netizens will feel sorry for it, because at its peak, relying on Huawei’s strong influence and R&D strength, many products created by Honor not only have excellent cost performance, but also bring high-quality experience to consumers. Experience, during the period when it was affiliated with Huawei, Honor mobile phone sales could always compete with Xiaomi, and it was a strong competitor in the online market. It is a pity that Honor is no longer a sub-brand of Huawei in order to achieve better development and avoid suppression by the United States.

Therefore, many products created by Honor are no longer shared with Huawei at the system level, but are still based on Android. The Huawei Mate 60 series has 9000S chips, XMAGE imaging systems, satellite calls, satellite communications and many other high-quality functions. Honor There are basically none on the phone. It is also because of this that many netizens have begun to abandon Honor phones and choose Huawei. Coupled with the fierce competition in the industry, many supply chains of Honor mobile phones have homogeneity problems. had to bow to the price war.

At this point in time, many of Honor’s mobile phones have seen significant price drops, even the top-end versions. For example, this is the case with the Honor X50, which was initially launched with 16GB+ The 512GB top-end version is priced at 1,999 yuan. As a product that focuses on cost-effectiveness, this price is relatively lethal. However, the launch of the Mate60 series has caused obvious turmoil in the entire mobile phone industry, and many mobile phones have experienced obvious problems. Prices plummeted.

Because this will not only clear out the inventory in hand, but these mobile phones are likely to be backlogged in their own hands, causing financial pressure. So, now, Honor X50 is available on some e-commerce platforms, with a 16GB+512GB top-end version, priced as low as 1,706 yuan. The new round of price cuts has made many netizens excited. They said that they have finally waited, and happiness has come. suddenly. After the price reduction of this phone, is it still worth buying? The answer is yes, this phone focuses on quality and long-lasting battery life.

Its appearance design is similar to Huawei Mate60, with a concentric lens module on the back, giving it a majestic feel. The design of the front curved screen is also quite lethal in the thousand-yuan phone market. The screen of this phone is a domestic high-quality OLED screen with 1.5K resolution, supports 120Hz high brush, 1920Hz high-frequency PWM dimming function, supports 1.07 billion color display, and the picture quality is also good. This phone has a built-in 5800mAh large The high-capacity battery can last a whole day of heavy use without any stress at all.

The image quality of the 100-megapixel main camera provided on the rear of this phone is also in line with the trend. With the advantage of high pixels, the photos taken are not prone to blurring when enlarged several times. The phone also supports screen fingerprint function, which is very convenient to unlock. In general, after the price reduction of Honor X50, it is more cost-effective. If your budget is not that abundant, you can also consider the 12GB+256GB version. Nowadays, on some e-commerce platforms, you can get it for only about 1,470 yuan, which is more cost-effective.

In short, this wave of price cuts for the Honor The standard version is currently priced at 1,299 yuan, which is also a good choice.