Honor Company has obtained a patent for RF test socket, which will help improve test efficiency and yield rate

According to news from the financial industry on November 21, 2023, according to the announcement of the State Intellectual Property Office, Honor Terminal Co., Ltd. has obtained a project called “RF test sockets, circuit boards, radio frequency components and electronic devices”, the authorization announcement number is CN220064280U, and the application date is 2023 February of the year.

The patent abstract shows that embodiments of the present application relate to the field of radio frequency testing technology and provide a radio frequency test socket, circuit board, radio frequency component and electronic device. Wherein, the radio frequency test socket includes pins and contact parts. The contact portion is an electrical connection pin, which is used to directly contact and electrically connect with the probe of the radio frequency test instrument. Wherein, the pin includes a first side used for soldering to the pad of the circuit board and a second side opposite to the first side. The portion of the pin proximate the contact portion defines a recess that is recessed toward the second side; and/or the portion of the pin remote from the contact portion includes a convex portion protruding toward the first side. This radio frequency test socket is beneficial to improve the test efficiency and test yield of single board testing or complete machine testing.

Source: Finance