“Honghe Three Points Partner” 2.0+ launched: new teacher training and intelligent hardware

Dozhi.com reported on October 28 that Honghe Technology held the “Honghe Three Points Partner” after-school service 2.0+ product upgrade conference online yesterday. At the meeting, the comprehensive upgrade of the curriculum system, teacher training, operation services, and management platform was released, and intelligent hardware for after-school services was launched.

Honghe Technology is one of the companies that entered the after-school service earlier. In Honghe Technology’s view, in general, after-school services require platforms, content, channels and landing operations. Honghe Technology has platforms and channels, and can provide better after-school services by joining forces with more companies with high-quality content. Serve. Therefore, Honghe Technology adopts a platform model for after-school services.

In 2020, the after-school service product “Honghe Three-point Companion” was born and became an important project of Honghe Technology’s “one core and two wings” strategy. Driven by the “double reduction” policy in 2021, the product will complete the iteration from 1.0 to 2.0. Earlier, at the Honghe Technology 810 Industry Conference, President Sun Xiaoqiang mentioned “continuous investment of 100 million yuan level of funds to focus on the strategic planning of the upgrade and iteration of ‘Honghe Three Points'”. Now, “Honghe Three Points Companion” 2.0+ is officially released.

According to Zeng Xiangning, vice president of Honghe Technology, “Honghe Three Points Partner” 2.0+ is based on market development and implementation practice. It not only upgrades a lot in the three dimensions of the original “management platform + curriculum system + operation service”, but also adds new teachers. There are two major sectors: training and intelligent hardware.

Vice President of Honghe Technology


Added teacher training and smart hardware

According to Zeng Xiangning, “Honghe Three Points Partner” 2.0+ mainly has the following features:

One is the curriculum. As the key and pain point in the development of after-school services in schools, the “Honghe Three Points Partner” 2.0+ curriculum system expands more scenarios, meets diverse needs, and adapts to more schools;

Previously, according to the 2022 semi-annual report of Honghe Technology, the “Honghe Three Points Partner” course system is positioned as an easy-to-teach, easy-to-learn, and fruitful curriculum, and has built a “public welfare free class + inclusive literacy class + interest club class + characteristic. The “Five Simultaneous Education” curriculum library structure of “Classroom Classes” gathers and integrates high-quality courses that are highly suitable for after-school learning scenarios. Currently, more than 400 all-disciplinary themed quality education courses with comprehensive development and ability improvement have been formed.

Second, in order to solve the problem of lack of teachers, “Honghe Three-point Companion” 2.0+ pioneered in the industry to launch “Xiaole Companion”, a teaching ability improvement platform for after-school service courses for primary and secondary school teachers , relying on the “1+1+16” system and synchronizing teacher training mode.

The third is to upgrade the landing operation, summarize the standardized SOP2.0 version of operation services, optimize the talent training process, and complete the last mile of after-school services with high quality;

The fourth is platform upgrade, which realizes the integration of platform docking, fund management and educational affairs system;

The fifth is hardware research and development. Honghe Technology has launched innovative intelligent hardware for after-school services – Honghe 330 course machine, which will help schools resolve equipment and technical problems in front-line work and further enhance the overall strength of after-school service solutions.


After-school service industry blossoms

Zhang Hongwei, Chief Strategy Officer of Honghe Technology Education BG

Zhang Hongwei, Chief Strategy Officer of Honghe Technology Education BG, shared his observations on policy-driven after-school service coverage and industry development analysis.

Starting from the three dimensions of policy protection, industry events and future trends , Zhang Hongwei mentioned that the policy starts from “people”, “finance” and “things”, strengthening the protection of teachers’ main rights and interests, improving the after-school service charging system, and introducing policies to improve after-school services. Information management requirements; the industry has formed a pattern of “blooming flowers”, which has attracted the attention of the capital market and the implementation of prefecture-level bidding projects, revealing industry trends.

After-school service is long and long, but it will come. Practitioners should strengthen their beliefs and join hands to the future.” Zhang Hongwei said finally.