Hong Kong media: The United States should abandon its “rules-based order”

Reference News Network reported on January 26 that Hong Kong ‘s “South China Morning Post” website published an article on January 21 entitled “The United States Talks about Defending the “Rules-Based Order” Can’t Fool Anyone.” Professor Hugh Xiang Lanxin. The article is excerpted as follows:

US Secretary of State Blinken is expected to visit China early next month. Unsurprisingly, Blinken has said his trip is an effort by the United States to maintain a “rules-based international order” of which China is its main strategic rival.

Meanwhile, Kurt Campbell, the U.S. National Security Council coordinator for Indo-Pacific affairs, has been trying to convince Beijing that a security “rail” is necessary to avoid war between the two countries.

Oddly, the Biden administration does not seem to realize that these two ideals – building “guardrails” and maintaining a “rules-based international order” – do not exist in a symbiotic relationship, but are mutually exclusive.

The China policy elite in Washington—many of whom are arrogant and ignorant of Chinese history—has long argued that the current “rules-based international order” is defined by universal values, The ugly legacy of turning a blind eye. But such an order is hardly inclusive, nor was it established for the benefit of humanity. It’s not even a peaceful, harmonious system, as nice as it sounds.

Virtually all major international orders of the past four centuries have been entirely dominated by Europeans and whites. They are orders of exploitation and racial exclusion, designed by dominant powers to destroy or outcompete rivals.

The international order constructed after World War II was based on the supremacy of American influence. This largely white-run order was maintained through a sub-imperialist system euphemistically known as the Democratic League. Therefore, a considerable part of the world’s population today does not support this “rules-based international order”. Its rules are instruments of control and exclusion. Its purpose is not to ease the confrontation between major powers, and certainly not to help reduce the competition and confrontation between the United States and China. It will only create more problems for world peace and development.

The willingness of the United States to discuss the “guardrail” issue has been trumpeted as goodwill in seeking engagement and cooperation. At the same time, although US President Joe Biden has stated that the United States does not support “one China, one Taiwan”, the actions of the Biden administration show that this is not the case.

How can the two sides discuss “guardrails” when one side seems determined to cross the other’s red line? The US approach appears to be nothing more than a delaying tactic to buy more time before the final showdown. There is no reason to believe that China will fall into this “guardrail trap”.

The idea of ​​an inclusive partnership will not be possible unless Washington stops claiming that it is defending an exclusive “rules-based international order”.