Hong Kong media reports: Shanghai intensifies efforts to train semiconductor talents

Reference News Network reported on October 28. According to Hong Kong’s “South China Morning Post” website reported on October 26, the Shanghai government launched a new training base to train new talents for the domestic chip industry. Shanghai is China’s semiconductor highland.

The Lingang New Area, part of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, has jointly established this training base with Shanghai University and the Integrated Circuit Industry Association to train new talents for the semiconductor industry.

This is reportedly the third such base to be set up in Shanghai, following two in Jiading and Zhangjiang in September and August, respectively. Zhangjiang is a small town in Pudong, known as the “Silicon Valley of Shanghai”, where there is a high-tech industrial park.

2021 China International Semiconductor Exhibition opens in Shanghai (Xinhua News Agency)

Earlier this year, Shanghai introduced a series of incentives to attract talent and companies to build a semiconductor supply chain. One such project is training seniors who are not majors in microelectronics and veteran employees who have never done chip assembly.

At the launching ceremony of the new base held on the 24th, Lu Yu, deputy director of the High-Tech Division of the Lingang New Area Management Committee, said that the new base is expected to support the transformation of Lingang into “a global benchmark for Silicon Valley in the United States, Taiwan in China, and Gyeonggi-do in South Korea. A world-class integrated circuit industry base with influence and competitiveness”.

In 2019, the Lingang area of ​​119.5 square kilometers was included in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. So far, the area has attracted hundreds of companies, such as Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation and Shanghai Jita Semiconductor Co., Ltd., Lu Yu said.