Home Fitness: Exercise your arms like this, it feels different!

Everyone will always be unable to go to the gym for training due to some reasons. Whether it is because of poverty or laziness, or personal reasons, I can’t guarantee to go to the gym for training this year, so I have compiled this series for your reference.

Equipment that should be configured for home fitness:

Detachable dumbbells and dumbbell bench (if you have the ability, it is better to have one) or a yoga mat.


The last article of dumbbell training at home, arm training, I mainly refer to the biceps and triceps, which are a pair of antagonist muscles of the arm. The main function of the biceps is the flexion of the elbow joint, the triceps Muscles are stretched.

This seems to be the first time I’ve written about arms, because arms are usually trained as auxiliary muscle groups when working out large muscle groups, and for beginners who are not so focused on arm development, it is OK not to train alone.

The biceps and triceps are particularly good for superset training. Superset refers to the antagonistic muscles (two muscles with opposite muscle functions). Two training movements are trained together without interval. Each movement is aimed at one muscle, and there is no rest between the two movements. After the two movements are completed, do group intervals. . (Many people will call two consecutive training movements a super group. I think for a super group that two antagonistic muscles are a super group, and the non-antagonist muscle is a compound group.)

The principle that supersets are effective for muscle building is that when you perform the first exercise, blood rushes to the muscles that are working, and then do the second exercise without intermittent, and the blood rushes to the corresponding muscles. A short-term increase in blood flow, which injects oxygen and amino acids into the muscle, triggers a short-term increase that promotes better muscle growth. Most practically, supersets lead to better athletic performance and will increase your training volume.

Personally, only small muscle groups are recommended to do super group plans, and careful combination training for large muscle groups.


Arm Superset 1: Standing Biceps Curls + Narrow Pushups

If the dumbbells at home are big enough, the number of repetitions is 8RM-12RM, and if the load is not enough, the number of repetitions will reach failure.

Note on bicep curls:

1. Keep the wrist in a neutral position, do not bend or extend.

2. Maintain muscle control throughout the training, simply slow down whether you are lifting or lowering.

3. You can do external rotation of the forearm (not external rotation of the wrist) during the peak contraction of the biceps


Points to note for narrow push-ups:

1. Novices can start from a kneeling position, and intermediate trainers can do diamond push-ups.

2. The elbow joint should be close to the body, and the elbow joint should not be overextended by pushing up the body.


Arm Superset 2: Hammer Curl + Incline Dumbbell Curl or Supine Dumbbell Curl

In addition to activating the biceps, the hammer curl can also activate the brachialis, which is also an important element of the unicorn arm. (Pay attention to the grip of the dumbbells)


Points to note for incline dumbbell extensions or supine dumbbell extensions:

The elbow must be stable and not abducted.


Arm Superset 3: Standing Dumbbell Pastor Curl + Bent Over Dumbbell Curl

The pastor curl is relative to the isolated biceps training, focusing on energy, you can use a relatively light weight to find the feeling of contraction of the biceps, mainly it must be down to the end.


The biggest difference between the bent over dumbbell flexion and the bent over dumbbell rowing is that the arm extension is only a single-joint movement of the elbow joint, and the elbow joint is close to the body to maintain stability.


Arm Dumbbell Training Program


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