Hollywood ghost 3000w mansion exposed! Weird decoration scares netizens: rich people really know how to play…

How “crazy” can a middle-aged man be?

He spent 3000w to buy a mansion without the knowledge of his wife .

This charming, inhuman.

It’s a house full of monsters, vampires, black magic books, scary wax figures

There are more than 100 skulls alone .

In 2016, this “Haunted House” successfully alarmed the National Museum.

Showing just one-tenth of its collection shocked the world.

It is the famous “Desolate House”.

Has invited its owner–

Guillermo del Toro

 The godfather of monsters, the contrasting genius 

do not know?

“Pan’s Labyrinth”, “The Shape of Water”, “Hellboy”, “Pacific Rim” ……

Magical masterpieces are all out of their hands.

Oscars, Golden Globes, Saturn Awards

He has won more awards than the tattered cans I collected downstairs.

Fans call him “fat top”, but he also has an extremely cryptic nickname:

Monster Godfather.

How weird?

The same director, others love to shoot beautiful women, but he loves to shoot monsters .

This pale and eccentric person who only eats children and puts his eyes on his hands, scared Curie to the point where he didn’t dare to drink water for a summer night.

The same fairy tale, Disney is a happy ending, but he is a BE sadist.

In “Pan’s Labyrinth”, the girl died tragically and returned to the underground palace .

“The Shape of Water”, a forbidden love, sinking under the water.

Toro is amazing.

On the outside, he looks naive and smiles like a naive child with more than 300 pounds .

In fact, he is extremely talented, one of the smartest people in Hollywood , and has the ability to remember .

As for the avatar, you have to put your own elf figure, which is cute and lovely .

In fact, I have been a horror fan since I was a child .

For this interest, he went to work in a mental hospital and specially picked the door of the mortuary for lunch…

Cameron regards Toro as the most iron brother in the circle, no one.

There is no other reason, this buddy’s story is better than the movie.

200 pounds of Toro, 199 pounds of anti-bone 

In 1968, Toro’s mother hurriedly held an exorcism ceremony at her home .

Because of his 4-year-old son, he insisted on sleeping in the coffin.

In 1973, Toro’s father was so angry that he almost fell to the ground, scolding “tmd” and beating him .

Because of my 7-year-old son, I wrote a letter to a horror writer, hoping that the other party would adopt him .

Toro has a good life. His father won the lottery when he was born. He has a luxury house and a famous car, and a group of domestic helpers.

Not at all, Toro’s nanny loves to tell ghost stories.

Moreover, one loves to talk and one loves to listen .

At a very young age, Toro showed his talent to piss off the whole family . At the age of 8, he made a movie with his dad’s old super8 camera.

It tells the story of a “serial killer potato” who kills his whole family, then goes out and gets hit by a car .

200 pounds of Toro, 199 pounds of anti-bone.

It stands to reason that it is not good for children to have epilepsy and old age, and when they grow up, it is easy to become a pervert.

But Toro was different, he became a brilliant pervert.

With his unforgettable genius, he was invited to become the screenwriter of “The Hobbit” , and he was the first edition designer of the dragon Smaug.

Because of his obsession with terrifying monsters, he has successively released dark masterpieces such as Pan’s Labyrinth” and “Hellboy 1 and 2”.

When “Pan God” was released, British parents thought it was a fairy tale, and rushed in with their children to watch it, but they were scared to rush out.

Toro said: Please don’t be afraid, monsters never hurt people.

The most vicious is the human heart.

Therefore, in his films, the biggest villain is always people.

Violent and cruel Nazi officers, ruthless and selfish scientists, and insatiable greed.

Or because he is too afraid of people, his dream is to have a house with an underground passage and a room where it rains 24 hours a day.

The Arabian Nights, how can it be realized?

Until the age of 40, Toro encountered the crisis of all middle-aged men——

Interests conflict with family.

He loves to collect.

Special collection of skulls, vampires, horror figures … There are so many that there is no place to put them, so I can only hang them out. Unexpectedly, the child was scared and cried all night, and the wife watched and scolded all night.

There is a dual law in the world, so I can buy a house, right?

Toro looked for a villa and spent 4 years building it into a haunted house, named “Desolate House”.

3000w to build a haunted house, come if you are brave enough

At the door of others, it is to welcome distinguished guests, and flowers bloom and wealth.

His door: “If I were you, turn around now.”

Enter the door and a Frankenstein stares at you .

He tutted his tongue in praise: “Look at my idol’s face, how handsome.”

Turning, it is a monster showing its teeth and claws .

He couldn’t put it down and chose this location to take pictures every time he interviewed.

The Desolate House is divided into 13 rooms in total , and each room is a theme.

“As long as I want to create, just stay in one of them and dive into the dream.”

There are more than 10,000 books in the whole house , ranging from ancient books on black magic in the 18th century to the latest manga by Junji Ito.

“Ito Junji, the only one who can scare me.”

“Meeting him before, he looks so gentle, why is he so perverted!”

Every visitor who enters the reading hall will have a tight bladder, because the two wax figures are staring straight at you.

One is Edgar Allan Poe , the originator of Gothic literature , and the other is H.P Lovecraft , the father of Cthulhu literature , and the double chef is ecstatic.

The reporter asked Toro, “Will you chat with them?”

He hesitated for a long time, and the corner of his mouth trembled slightly: “No, I’m not crazy.”

Earling Poe is too cold.”

? ? ?

The house is filled with Toro’s life-long collection, “every corner is a dark legend”.

The bookshelf full of Dickens’s works is a secret door leading directly to the mysterious study.

“Literature is the sanctuary of fantasy.

On the sofa full of new and ancient books, lies a ghost doll.

“Fear stimulates inspiration.”

Going forward, the wizard waved his wand, and the flames splattered.

The skeleton opens the copper window, and the spell appears.

Frankenstein and the bride reunite in the fog.

Vampires and werewolves whispered under the lights.

The angel of death spread his wings in the corner, and Frankenstein sat in his chair drinking tea .

In front of the TV sits the possessed girl from The Exorcist.

“I love watching movies with her, she’s very quiet.”

The Desolate House is a five-minute drive from Toro’s home, where he gets inspiration every night after spending nights with his family.

Here, is a fortress for a middle-aged man to guard his dreams.

He likes anime and games .

So there is a room dedicated to doing things, complementing colors, and creating.

He is addicted to movies, so he has a wall of movies.

7,000 DVDs and Blu-ray Discs, 2,000 Laser Discs, about 50 VHS tapes, and a Betamax.

This is data from 10 years ago.

Movies are categorized by region and genre. In the vast night, Toro patrols in the light and shadow, and at the touch of a finger, it is the whisper of a lonely soul.

But his favorite spot is this huge sofa.

“As a fat man, I know how to sit most comfortably.”

The most important thing is the small “rain room ” in front of the sofa. Like childhood dreams, it is designed to rain 24 hours.

“I like to create on a rainy day, close my eyes and turn upside down like the ocean.”

Now, please close your eyes and imagine—

The night is thick, the lights and shadows are hidden, and in the ancient villa, the fragrance of books is like a letter from the world.

The heavy rain outside the window, pattering, and several lightning flashes, cut out a blurred dream.

It was on these nights that Toro created those famous monsters.

They are full-fledged on the draft and walk into the world from the screen.

 If you love weirdos, I’m actually pretty 

Someone once asked Toro, are you not afraid?

“Do you think monsters are scary?”

“Because you have never tasted life.”

He told such a story.

“You know, the first movie of my life was a stop-motion animation.”

“I made 100 puppet sets, but before filming, someone broke in and smashed them all.”

“From that day on, I understood that life is not perfect and everything is about loss.”

Therefore, he created the ancient god Pan, guarding the girl’s last dream,

He wished the lonely mermaid to protect the silent kiss of his lover.

“Monsters are imperfect patron saints.”

“Only people pursue perfection selfishly.” His voice was low, and his white beard was like thin moonlight.

Today, when night swells, Toro still burrows into the desolate mansion alone, reuniting with his monster friends and dating his whims.

Even her wife is fascinated by the desolate house.

“Maybe the world thinks my husband is a lunatic, but I love this lunatic.”

In the corner of the study, there is a sentence:

Know what I fear, therefore I am.

Toro explained: “We are all imperfect monsters in the eyes of others, but we all desperately aspire to be perfect angels.”

“Then let me guard this imperfection and guard these monsters.”

If you like monsters too, I’m actually pretty.


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