Hollow down jacket, “fashionable” and “practical” battle

As the temperature gradually drops, you can already add down jackets to your shopping carts. Recently, there is a down jacket that has caused a lot of discussion.


A few days ago, a down jacket with a price of 1599 yuan in the fashion brand collection shop INXX was scolded and taken off the shelves.


The reason for the removal is not that the quality is unqualified, nor that the sales premium is too high, but that its design is too trendy——



The down jacket adopts a hollow design, with multiple heart-shaped hollows on the front, back and sleeves of the clothes.


On the official website of the shopping platform, the brand also described the design theme and inspiration of this dress:


“We designed the theme logo based on the oracle bone ‘heart’, which means that all the heart belongs to the heart. Inspired by the oracle bone rubbings, the secondary design was carried out, and the retro and trendy patterns were designed in combination with the street style. Through different combinations, color matching and craftsmanship , practicality and fashion sense throughout the display.”


The tangled point of netizens is that it has not realized the “penetration of fashion sense and practicality”.


“This is the legendary ‘wind-leakage padded jacket’.”


“Guess why I bought a down jacket?”


“Frozen sores are in the shape of loving you.”


In this regard, the brand customer service gave a response of “recommend that you add a piece of clothing”.



Even if it is an ordinary down jacket, everyone will wear a bottoming shirt. The answer from the customer service seems to be no problem, but the netizens do not buy it.


Many people believe that not keeping warm is the original sin of down jackets. Abandoning practicality for the so-called fashion sense is the “marketing concept” of merchants cutting leeks, which is “IQ tax”.


In the one-sided ridicule and ridicule, the down jacket was quickly removed from the shelves on October 20.


However, as of press time, the reporter found that the down jacket was re-listed in the brand’s official flagship store and participated in the “Double Eleven” event.


In addition, the brand also launched a down vest that is also a heart-shaped hollow model. In addition to black, it is also available in green, priced at 1099 yuan.



At present, it is shown that 2 and 4 people paid for the down jacket and down vest respectively, and there is no evaluation yet.


It may be because I have seen so many “incomprehensible fashions” that this down jacket sprayed into a “sieve” seems acceptable to me.


In fact, hollow down jackets are not “unprecedented”. The Italian luxury down jacket brand Moncler has teamed up with well-known designers to release a number of hollowed-out silhouette down jackets in the 2022 spring and summer series.



Perhaps the hollow down jacket is this year’s popular vanguard item?


If this dress is the same style of a certain celebrity, everyone will not feel so inconsistent, and even want to get the same style.


But the point is, can ordinary people wear such clothes? how to wear it?


When I saw the picture for the first time, I could imagine that it would look good with a base shirt in bright colors such as bright yellow, Klein blue, and girly pink.



As for the problem of air leakage, I have not taken off the short sleeves in Guangzhou. I think that when the weather is not cold enough to wear down jackets, but the temperature is transitioning to winter, there is room for such clothes.


Because of the thickness of the bottoming shirt, we can choose by ourselves, and this hollow down jacket is more to complete its decorative properties.


In fact, we accept a lot of items similar to “off-season”.


For example, in winter, we have to wear ripped jeans, cropped trousers with ankles, off-the-shoulder sweaters, umbilical sweaters… and woolly slippers that we can’t tell whether we should wear them in summer or winter.


Hollowing, splicing, and raw edges are also trending elements favored by the current fashion industry. It is understandable that down jackets and cotton clothes are becoming more fashionable.



Fashion is inseparable from the sense of design, and the pursuit of the sense of design must be innovative, open your mind, and dare to break through the ordinary.


Of course, everyone can have different views on fashion items, and those who cannot understand can also account for the majority, but we still have to allow ourselves “fashion that we don’t understand” to exist.


Although it is not encouraged to put the cart before the horse, if you only pursue the most primitive functions of clothing, all clothing designs will only stay in the “comfort zone” forever.