Hohhot City Issues Rehabilitation Advice for New Coronary Pneumonia Patients

The press conference scene. Photo by Dong Xiong

People’s Daily Online, Hohhot, October 30 (Liu Yilin) ​​On October 30, at the 64th press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Hohhot, Liu Yuanjun, a second-level researcher of the Hohhot Health Commission, introduced the patient’s rehabilitation suggestions.

Liu Yuanjun said that if you are infected with the new crown pneumonia, don’t worry too much. Although the current new crown virus is extremely contagious, from the overall development of the epidemic, the virus shows a trend of weakening pathogenicity. In addition, vaccination also has a good protection against severe illness and death. With the isolation and treatment in the hospital or Fangcang, most people can be cured soon. After being discharged from the hospital or out of the cabin to enter the recovery period, home rehabilitation should also be actively carried out.

One is breathing training. If there are still symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, and difficulty in expectoration after discharge, targeted training should be carried out. The commonly used abdominal breathing method: when the patient stands, place one hand on the front chest and the other hand on the abdomen, inhale slowly through the nose, the abdomen gradually protrudes until the hand feels the abdomen bulge, and then slowly exhale through the mouth until the abdomen relaxes. You can train 3-4 sets per day, each training 8-10 breaths as a set.

The second is exercise rehabilitation. You can do aerobic exercise, for example, you can start with stepping exercises, set to exercise 3 times a week for 10 minutes each time according to your physical condition, and then gradually transition to a higher intensity.

Third, patients in the recovery period are recommended to practice Baduanjin, Taijiquan, Liuzijue or stance.

The fourth is to strengthen the detection of health status. If you experience unusual body sensations in your daily life, such as pain while bathing, seek help from your doctor. There are different treatment methods for various abnormalities such as specific pain and muscle contracture. The doctor will carry out physical factor therapy and drug therapy according to the situation.

The fifth is Chinese medicine rehabilitation. On the basis of syndrome differentiation and treatment, it is helpful to choose appropriate prescriptions for conditioning, and patients can take traditional Chinese medicines under the guidance of doctors.

The sixth is psychological rehabilitation. It is normal to cause temporary psychological pressure after the disease. It is necessary to actively carry out self-psychological adjustment, gradually adjust the mentality, and choose professional psychological intervention if necessary.

Seven is a reasonable diet. The dietary structure during the recovery period should be adjusted on the basis of the dietary pagoda, which can appropriately limit food intake, control meat intake, eat more vegetables, and drink more water. The diet should be warm, soft, small and frequent, and nutritious and easily digestible food.