Highly recommend these 29 daily psychology tips

1. If you want to interrupt someone else’s flow of words, you can do something to distract them. For example: pick up the water glass, and then leave your seat to get the water… These actions can divert the other person’s attention to you, and he will stop talking.

2. If someone gets angry at you and you stay calm, they are likely to get angrier. But then they feel ashamed of themselves.

3. Before the interview, arrive at the interview location early and chat with strangers outside for 20 minutes. This will make your brain feel familiar with the environment, making you more confident.

4. If someone wants to embarrass you in front of a lot of people, you can be very polite to him, which will make him stop the behavior or make him look stupid.

5. If you feel like someone is watching you, you can look at your watch or where you are wearing it. If that person is looking at you, he will also subconsciously look at his wrist or watch.

6. People are most vulnerable at night. Emotions and stress are easy to show up at night, so never make any decisions at night, such as getting back together with your ex or agreeing to date… Otherwise, you will regret it when you wake up.

7. If you are looking for something, try looking from right to left. Because if you look from left to right as usual, your eyes will automatically pass by something. Going in the opposite direction will be more tiring, but you can notice more details.

8. Say less rhetorical questions: “What else?”, “How do I know?”, “Do you understand?” These words may not have any other meaning, but they are actually hurtful and sad, and have a very negative effect. If you can use declarative sentences in life, there is no need to use rhetorical questions, because 80% of rhetorical questions are used to end the topic.

9. It is easier to make wrong decisions in dim light environments. For example, the dim vision in a movie theater, the slightly bright table lamp in the room at night, and the dazzling colorful lights in the KTV. In these environments that seem dark but not dark, people’s judgment will be reduced. Therefore, in such an environment, we must make decisions more carefully and extend the decision-making time.

10. Here’s a fun little experiment, when you’re talking to someone, pick one of the words they say. Every time the word is said, nod or make some positive gesture. Then you’ll notice that he starts saying it a lot.

11. When having dinner together, everyone always looks at the person they like the most. So if you want to know if your crush is interested in you, you can invite a few good friends for dinner and observe whether the other person pays attention to you and looks at you often. If so, congratulations.

12. Want to appear friendly and confident in front of people you just met? Try to remember the color of their pupils. When you try this technique, you make eye contact with him just enough to make you appear friendly and confident.

13. Your child doesn’t like vegetables? Don’t just ask them if they want some broccoli? (or any kind of vegetable) You can ask them if they want 3 or 4 pieces of a certain vegetable (the quantity is up to you). This will make them feel like adults who can make decisions while still eating their vegetables voluntarily.

14. When others ask you for evaluation, rather give advice than complain. For example, “Does the color of my dress look good?” If it doesn’t look good, we usually respond directly with “It doesn’t look good.” In fact, we can say this: “You can try blue, it will look better.” You see, using different words to express the same meaning gives people completely different feelings.

15. When you are alone in a small space, if he keeps staring at the door or window, it means that he does not want to be with you at this time and wants to escape. On the contrary, the person who keeps staring at you is either a boyfriend or a gangster, because two people are most likely to reveal their true nature when they live together in such a space.

16. When do people wake up most: before death, before the agreed deadline, before surgery, before being hit, before the end, before retirement. When are people most confused: when they are committing crimes, when they are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, when they are proud, when money comes quickly, when they are caught up in desires, when they want to take advantage.

17. Watch your feet. Feet are also part of body language. For example, when you approach a person and the other person only turns his body towards you but does not turn his feet towards you, it may be that he prefers to be alone. When you are having a conversation with a person, when his feet are pointing elsewhere, he may already want to leave.

18. People who are willing to explain their interests clearly to you from the beginning are worthy of trust. If you want to understand a person, don’t look at what he says, but look at how he acts.

19. To judge a person’s character, it depends on how he treats the weak, such as cleaning aunties, market leaders, construction workers, etc.

20. People who always speak in a calm voice have a very strong heart; people who are prone to being irritable and lose their temper may have a fragile heart and have unknown weaknesses.

21. The degree to which a person likes you is generally directly proportional to the speed with which he replies to your text messages. If your significant other responds to your messages more and more slowly during their free time, it’s time to reflect on your relationship.

22. If you have procrastination but have tasks that you need to complete urgently. You can think about this before going to bed. This mentally prepares your brain to start planning a route to complete the task. This way when you actually start doing it, it will be much easier.

23. The magical Franklin Effect tells us: Those who have helped you will be more willing to help you. If you want to improve the relationship between people, the easiest way is to ask him to help you once and shorten the psychological distance between each other.

24. Van Gogh said that if there is a voice in your head telling you: you cannot paint. Do whatever you can to draw, and the voices in your head will gradually quiet down. What you think affects your behavior to a large extent. But if you are aware of the thoughts in your head and still act on them, the results will start to change.

25. The mistake everyone makes – the broken windows effect. When you buy something new, you will protect it strictly, but once it gets dirty or damaged, you will throw it away, and the protection of it will not be as good as before. If there is one piece of garbage left unchecked on the street, there will soon be countless more. If you want to break this curse, you have to let things happen before they happen, clean them up as soon as they get dirty, and clean up the garbage on the streets as soon as possible.

26. When many people are walking together, pay more attention to the person walking behind. When someone is alone due to tying shoelaces or other reasons, stop and wait for him. These small steps will help you establish good social relationships, and they will naturally think of you next time you are alone. There are no secrets in the office. When you tell a co-worker something personal, or say something bad about someone, you may hear it again a week later from someone else.

27.The best way to learn and remember something is to explain it to someone else. When you explain it to others, you try to be as concise as possible. This will help you remember key points and important information.

28. Don’t be deceived by the last digit of the price. In shopping malls, you can often see products priced at 2499, 389, 198, etc., which are very eye-catching. In fact, there is another mystery in the pricing of these products. 9 and 8 are at the end of the numerical order, which can easily give people the illusion that 2499 is approximately equal to 2400, a difference of 100 yuan. This is the charm of the price mantissa.

29. Use different outfits for different occasions to quickly enhance your personal charm. People’s first impression is often in their eyes. No matter whether you are beautiful or not, wearing a bright dress to a party will attract attention; wearing a calm suit to an important meeting will increase your credibility. This is Halo effect. As long as you leave a good or bad impression on others at the first time, others will view you accordingly in the future.