Hideo Kojima describes his new Xbox game as a new medium: one that could change the game and film industry

Hideo Kojima has always been a low-key person in the game industry. Recently Hideo Kojima has two projects underway, one is the “Death Stranding 2” project, and the other is a “special partnership” with Xbox, a game built using Microsoft’s cloud technology, rumored to be a game Cloud-native gaming. According to Hideo Kojima at the time, the project with the Xbox was a game it had always wanted to create, saying “never before or seen” could create a whole new experience.

Recently, Hideo Kojima accepted an exclusive interview with the media. When it comes to the new Xbox game, Hideo Kojima once again showed his grandiose tone, describing the new project as almost like a new medium. If successful, it will not only affect the game industry, but also change the pattern of the film industry. .

Players who are familiar with Hideo Kojima know that he is a movie fan and has publicly stated that movies have had an impact on the way he creates games. From the games he participated in, you can see a lot of cinematic narrative content, even in his social media. The media account also wrote: “70% of my body is made up of movies.”

In this visit, Hideo Kojima also talked about being influenced by his parents’ experiences, so he didn’t want to make a shooting game with a war theme, but was more interested in the theme behind the war. When it comes to “Death Stranding”, Hideo Kojima said that he used to be a postman in his student days, so he is grateful for such practitioners, especially after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

Although he is a well-known game producer, after Hideo Kojima left Konami, his life was not easy at the beginning, and his money was very tight. Fortunately, the landlord of one building is a fan of the building, so he can rent the office space. In addition, Hideo Kojima is reluctant to discuss his old works from the Konami period after leaving his post. He feels embarrassed when he sees old games played with outdated technology. I was very happy and seemed to have changed my opinion a bit.