Hey Chocolate, We Found Your 10 Little Secrets

You can never say no to chocolate, just like you can’t say no to love. The “sweet crit” in the middle of the night is a good medicine for contemporary youth. When work is not going well, reward yourself with a piece of chocolate to sweeten the bitter days; when you are confused, give the other person a piece of chocolate to find your amazing encounter. Chocolate is the catalyst in love and the touchstone of ordinary life, making life smooth.

In recent years, the trend of “quitting sugar” has become popular. As a kind of sweets, chocolate has also become the “sweet trouble and the source of obesity” for urban beauties. There are many friends who love to eat chocolate, and their enthusiasm for chocolate has greatly diminished. It turns out that, indeed, most people have a misconception about chocolate. So today, I’m here to rectify the name of chocolate, and tell you 10 cold knowledge about chocolate (warm reminder, this article has its own “cold” air, please wrap your little padded jacket and read on…)

1. For cats who are not sensitive to sweetness, no matter how sweet chocolate is, it tastes like chewing wax. And for dogs, 1.5 grams of chocolate can kill a small dog (82% cocoa content of dark chocolate, about 3 to 4 bars have 1.1 grams of theobromine, poisoning a large dog, only need a large chocolate ) 2. The word chocolate comes from Maya. In the past, the Mayans used to dry and crush cocoa beans and add water to make a bitter drink, which was later spread to South America. The Aztecs at that time called this drink “bitter water”, and Nahuatl The bitter water of the language is pronounced as chocolate (xocolatl) 3. In the 1930s, a Japanese candy company called Morozoff made an advertisement for chocolate on Valentine’s Day, which was also the first for Valentine’s Day and chocolate. Propaganda behaviors that go together. Although the ad was inconspicuous at the time, it had a huge impact on Valentine’s Day in the future.

4. Cocoa beans refer to processed foods made from cocoa beans, but in the beverage industry, you can often see hot cocoa, hot chocolate and Ovaltine. The difference between them is: hot cocoa is cocoa powder, sugar, etc. Additives are mixed; hot chocolate is made from chocolate blocks or chocolate sauce and heated water. Usually, the taste of hot chocolate will be more mellow and delicious, and the relative calories and fat are relatively high; the last Ovaltine is more malt. ingredients. 5. In the era of black and white films, chocolate sauce was used as the “blood” in movies. Although the color of chocolate sauce is not blood red, its effect in black and white films is more powerful than the red fake blood. This chocolate sauce plasma appears in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

6. White chocolate is not chocolate❌. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s definition, chocolate must contain cocoa butter, cocoa powder, and cocoa paste, but white chocolate does not contain cocoa powder and cocoa paste, two essential ingredients for chocolate. 7. The main ingredient of white chocolate is cocoa butter, which is a natural edible oil obtained from cocoa beans. It is because of the oil that white chocolate itself is milky white. Because eating milky white cocoa butter alone does not taste good, it will also be processed and matched with additives such as spices, sugar, dairy products, etc. Therefore, the calories, fat, and sugar of white chocolate will also be much higher than ordinary chocolate.

8. Chocolate is the only food whose melting point is lower than 37°C. It will begin to soften at 28°C, and it will quickly change from solid to liquid at 33°C. This is why chocolate melts in your mouth… 9. Switzerland is the world’s largest The country with the highest per capita consumption of chocolate, Swiss citizens consume an average of 240 bars (about 25 to 40 grams each) per person per year and 25% of toblerone is sold in airport duty-free shops. 10. Do you think Valentine’s Day sells the most chocolates of any holiday? NO, in fact, Halloween sells twice as many chocolates as Valentine’s!