Hero World Championship lineup confirmed: star marks fearless painter Jiuku Bell, finally no need to kneel

Hello everyone, this is Fat Tiger Game. There is still a month before the start of the Glory of Kings World Champions Cup. Each KPL team is facing a brand-new version of the World Championship. There are many things to be familiar with, and they also need to take time for tactical training. For some teams whose starting lineup has been fixed, they just need to run in as soon as possible, but for a team like Hero who can’t even determine the starting lineup, they have to put in more effort, and it is not a problem to set a suitable starting lineup. Easy thing!

However, Hero’s new starting lineup seems to have made a new progress recently. During the recent five-row process, Starscar, Fearless, Painter, Jiuku, and Bell have been combined together. Compared with the Lucky Cup, a new painter was added. And the bell, the strength of the lineup has greatly increased, and may finally be able to hand over a satisfactory answer!

Dreadnought is still the starter of the jungle position. Although his performance in the training game has not been very good recently, it can even be said that he is very poor. However, due to his high reputation, the top management of the club is also focusing on training him, so Dreadnought as a star player will not go down. However, this may affect the lower limit of Hero’s overall strength. Fearless’s wild core state is worrying, and even the jungler of the national competition team and his own second team can’t fight. Fearless needs to make adjustments as soon as possible.

Not long ago, it was rumored that Xinghen was going to transform into a jungler. Now it seems that he has turned back to the side. Except for the auxiliary, Xinghen can fill all four positions, and the state in the Hero team is relatively stable. However, some netizens have speculated that Xinghen may exchange positions with Wuwei, and Xinghen will play the jungler and Wuwei will play the side lane. This possibility is also there, but it is relatively small. But when I think about it from the side, maybe this is also a way to solve the problem. Fearless is too stretched, so it may not be impossible to be a dead horse and a living horse doctor.

Bell has returned to the development road again and has become a new bottom lane combination with Jiuku after the transformation. Previously, Bell served as Jiuku’s substitute. After Jiuku’s transformation and assistance, the effect is remarkable. It is necessary to have a command and command, and to have a big picture and a big picture, and more experience. There is hope to become an auxiliary talent.

The new mid-single artist, his position has been rather vague before, and it is unclear how the coaching staff will arrange him. , to a large extent is the adaptability of practice and running-in lineups. The artist’s personal ability is also very strong. He is a skill-based mid laner. Especially Hero has always been outstanding in the cultivation of mid laners, so he can look forward to it.

This list is just a guess at the moment. After all, this is a five-row lineup that is not a training match. Due to the impact of the epidemic in the home of Hero Nanjing, individual players are still in isolation and did not participate in the training match. However, the strength of this lineup is really good. Bell and the painter are both powerful newcomers. Jiuku’s transformation is also very successful. As long as the rhythm and drop points of the jungler can be solved, Hero can still rush forward! What is your opinion on this?