Heaven and Earth Tribulation Mobile Tour: A preview of the skills of the national teacher Baaier! This is really not enough to call Sister Cao

Hello everyone, I’m thinking about how to look at the exotic He Weiyi.

In today’s strategy analysis article, let’s talk about the skills and talents of the national teacher Ba Aier. In fact, everyone has always known that the official is always innovating when designing new heroic spirits, but there are also many rules and restrictions of war chess games. As there are more and more Heroic Spirits currently available, it will become more and more difficult for the new Heroic Spirits who will be online in the future to find new skill design directions, and this time, the national teacher Ba Aier has become the first person in the game to have the talent to make his teammates play again. The driving mechanism is the heroic spirit of the wind, so in the face of this ground-breaking design, many friends may feel that Ba’er will be very strong, and some friends may think that Ba’er’s talent effect is actually a paper tiger, look It is very fierce, but it is very cute… So in the following content, we will briefly analyze the national teacher Baai to see how high this new heroic spirit will be.

First of all, compared to the talent descriptions that have repeatedly become short essay lengths in the past, Baai’s talent is really concise, and it contains two main effects:

  • When actively attacking, the physical attack is increased by 8%-15% (from the description, it should be triggered by group active attack)
  • When teammates within 2-3 squares actively attack, each time they cause a critical hit, they will accumulate 1 layer of [Spirit], and every time Baai kills a target, they will accumulate 7 layers of [Spirit], up to a maximum of 14 layers. At the end of Baer’s action, you can consume at least 7 stacks of [Spirit] to make a friend within 7 squares of the cross end the action and move again (2-3 rounds CD)

The re-movement effect here is the effect of the talent that Wei Yi just mentioned to make the teammates move again. In short, Baer wants to make the teammates move again, either by killing the enemy himself to trigger it, or by Relying on the multiple critical strikes of teammates around you to trigger, considering the cooling time and warm-up time of this effect, it should have a certain space for use in both PVE and PVP battles, and as the level 70 mark is getting closer and closer , the more difficult PVE dungeons will also come slowly, so the urgency of discussing PVE will be much higher than in the past, so Baer’s talent looks really beautiful, after all, the noble re-action effect can be It’s not easy to have, and the 2-round CD is basically on par with Feng Lingsheng’s re-moving skill, so this skill should have a lot of strategic significance in future PVE attribute dungeons. In addition, the re-movement in PVP actually looks beautiful, but it is not so easy to trigger, but for the requirement of killing the enemy, if the enemy carries a character with summoning type, such as Juggernaut, Danyin, monk, etc. , Objectively speaking, the threshold of this condition will be relatively lower, so from a comprehensive point of view, Baer’s re-mobilization talent should become a restrained weapon in PVP , but it is not an invincible conventional tactical foundation.

Then Baaier’s first exclusive skill is a single damage level skill of 1.5 times over T. After battle, it can recover 50% of the damage’s blood and blood. In PVP, the T skill is actually for killing, from 1.5 The damage multiplier is not bad, but the 50% blood recovery is actually the icing on the cake, but it may have a lot of significance in PVE.

Then Baai’s second exclusive skill is 1.4 times the critical strike rate + 20% single skill. After killing the target, it can apply damage + 20% for 2 rounds to itself and allies within the directional range. This skill Wei Yi believes that the significance in PVE is slightly higher than that in PVP. After all, the auxiliary ability to increase damage and the auxiliary ability to move again, the future Baer can provide to the team in PVE is really not small.

Then the third exclusive skill is 0.5 times the 3×3 range group attack skill, and the crit rate can be increased according to the number of moving squares before the battle, and the battle can move another 2 squares, this skill will become the future accumulation of Baer The core skills of [Linghui] status should have a good priority in PVP.

The last exclusive passive can be ignored most of the time. I am more inclined to [Bloodwalking], but it will have targeted functions very rarely, such as the fire-type boss in PVE. With this passive, it should be able to resist. Have fun…  

Finally, I heard that Baai’er also came with a formation, Wei Yi was very happy at the beginning, after all, most of the heroic spirits with the formation will be planned to carry a hand, but this formation for Ba’er , to put it in a bad way, it is an orphan formation, but everyone needs to pay attention to the fact that the talents of Baaier we just mentioned need to be brought together to fully take effect, so…what is this? This kind of thinking allows the planning to give this talent and formation to the national teacher at the same time…

Summary: Baaier is currently a new heroic spirit with both PVE and PVP capabilities. Among them, PVE can reflect the effects of attack and auxiliary damage and reactivation, while PVP is a strategy for restraining summoned characters. It is a weapon that can be used again, but the comprehensive ability of Baai’s predecessors such as the little fox should be weak in terms of T kills. At the same time, because Baai’s magic weapon skills and panel attributes cannot be seen yet, so Baai’s temporarily There should be a certain amount of floating space for the strength of Whan, and you can look at the follow-up supplementary evaluation.

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