Heaven and Earth Tribulation Mobile Games: Wanyanlie’s Skills Preview! Jin Guo’s treachery can’t shake my Song Mountains and Rivers

Hello everyone, I’m He Duiyi who is reciting “Manjianghong · Angered Crown”.

Angrily rushing to the crown, leaning on the railing, Xiaoxiaoyu took a break. Lift our sight, the sky and shouts, grand, vehement. Thirty fame and dust and soil, eight thousand miles of cloud and moon. Don’t wait, the boy’s head is white, empty and sad.

Jingkang is ashamed, it is still snowing. When the ministers hate it, when will it be extinguished. Drive a long car and break through the shortage of Helan Mountain. Aspiring to eat Hulu meat with hunger, laugh at thirsty and drink the blood of Huns. Be from scratch, clean up the old mountains and rivers, overturned Que.

Friends who are familiar with the story of the world robbery mobile game should all know that the story of the mobile game version happened in the Southern Song Dynasty, and many of the famous officials and generals of the Jin Kingdom and Song Dynasty appeared in it. The years of fighting against gold are still an indelible classic in our 5,000-year history. Today, the protagonist of our article, Wanyanlie, is the king of gold in the game, but it is very difficult in official history. To find the existence of this person, so from the point of view of his play with Wu Lin, the famous general of the Southern Song Dynasty, it is not ruled out that his identity is borrowed from Wanyan Zongbi (who is Jin Wushu, the commander of the Jin Kingdom who has repeatedly fought against Marshal Yue in history. ) and Wanyanliang and other characters in the Jin Kingdom, and from the poisonous tricks in the game, such as Wu Lin, it can be seen that the mind of this little prince of the Jin Kingdom is also vicious enough, which is similar to Wanyanliang, the violent and cruel king of Hailing in history. are quite similar.

Then we will take a look at Yan Lie’s talent and skill analysis, and start the small composition.

First of all, Wanyanliang’s talent is extremely complicated. First, he can improve his damage and understanding under fixed conditions. It is not very difficult to achieve this. Then he has another one similar to the previous Jiuyin Prayers. Skill mechanism, but there is still a certain difference between this 3-choose 1 talent skill and wish:

The first poison plan of choosing 1 of 3 is [provocation of alienation], which can make one enemy get [weak] and [distracted] status, of which [distracted] status can be understood as whether the orphan buff… For future PVP The rush-type output heroic spirits in the game will have certain restraint.

The second poison plan in the 3-choice 1 is [Celebrate the Wind and Fan the Fire], of which the [Incitement] buff is still a bit interesting. Although the damage will not be very high, it can be regarded as a small-scale suppressive skill.

The last poison plan of 1 out of 3 is [Gather the crowd to become a force]. This skill can improve Wanyanlie’s own survivability to a certain extent. At the same time, the effect of immunity to debuffs should be more critical. After all, it can last for 3 rounds, so this poison plan may be used. It is the one with the highest usage rate in the future PVP.

Then Wanyanlie’s first exclusive skill is the 0.5x damage skill of Bombs, which can also make the enemy lose their minds… This skill can bounce up to 5 times, and the damage of each bounce will increase. , but it did not specify whether it could be used as the ejection medium through Wanyanlie like Yunxiang’s bullets before, but compared with the description of Yunxiang’s skills, Wei Yi preliminarily judged that Wanyanlie’s skills should not be used. Wanyan Lie was used as a medium of transmission, so in terms of details such as its inability to repeatedly eject the target, it was more of a disruptive skill.

Then Wanyanlie’s second exclusive skill is 0.5 times the range output skill of the group, but it is very interesting that he can choose the friend as the center to release, or the enemy as the center to release, and it can be released according to whether the enemy has it or not . The [Distraction] state or whether one’s party carries the [Incitement] state to give additional effect buff support, and it is a skill that is full of PVP interference attributes, and the future potential is still relatively large.

Then Wanyanlie’s passive is exclusive to [War Law], which passively restrains the damage of the opponent’s [Royal Wind] or [Knight]. It is clearly stated here that he is afraid of being avenged by Cao Wuming… In addition, the amount of HP recovered in his own round is this. The characteristics are still a bit interesting, and once again boosted Wanyanlie’s battery life.

Wanyanlie’s last skill is 1.6 times the single-target damage of the ultimate move, and it can also inflict the [Youque] state similar to Li You’s . In addition, the 50% spell damage before the battle is also a considerable extra damage , accumulating The prerequisite for releasing 3:1 vigor is not difficult for Wanyan Lie, so this skill will have some room to play in many PVE or PVP dungeons in the future.

Summary: From the information currently available, Wanyanlie’s battlefield harassment is good, especially suitable for PVP battles. In addition, the ability to use up to two skills in one round can also allow Wanyanlie to enjoy higher tactics. Status, even if the talent 3 choose 1 poison plan is mostly a small amount of interference skills, but its significance is not small, in addition, Wanyan Lie’s own survivability should also be considered good, multiple injury-free and life-saving skills should let him in the future. The PVP battle is full of uncertainties. Generally speaking, it still belongs to a PVP-specific heroic spirit. Players who like PVP can focus on it.

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