Heaven and Earth Tribulation Mobile Games: List of major releases in October! Finally, the day has come!

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is sighing.

It has been about a year and a half since the World Jie Mobile Game was launched. A game that can operate for more than a year and a half and still get a considerable amount of water is also an absolute return on the quality of this game. For 5 consecutive days, IOS estimates that the mobile game will be a hot-selling mobile game on the million-dollar platform. The past of Tiandijie mobile game must be brilliant, but after experiencing the domineering double linkage in the summer of 2021, the game will not celebrate the anniversary this year. The turnover during this period can once again return to the platform that used to be 500,000, and the rest of the monthly update days are beyond the reach of the estimated turnover platform of 200,000. On this month’s major version update day, the turnover platform dropped by one again. The steps, even the 100,000-dollar platform that once had to be guaranteed, can’t be preserved, so the overall atmosphere of today’s running water analysis is still a bit sad. After all, compared to the dream battle next door, the quality of Tiandijie mobile game is actually not weak. But in front of a senior who has been operating for 4 years, the junior of Tiandi Jie Mobile Games is still at a disadvantage, and it is not just a small gap…

As you can see from the picture above, on the day of the major version update in October, the estimated turnover of the IOS platform was only US$77,000, which was much different from the US$125,000 last month, and the drop was even more. Nearly 40%, in fact, Riweiyi issued an early warning when the major version was updated in August. At that time, Weiyi said that the launch of a large version of a new national style plan was almost impossible to keep the $100,000 turnover platform (the current turnover was $105,000), and last month with the super-strong boss Heroic Spirit Demon King, the game’s flow has also been greatly increased, and this month, when the official wants to repeat the old tricks to launch the super-anticipated Heroic Spirit Monk, The performance of running water really gave everyone a slap in the face, so what is the reason for such a situation? Then I will briefly explain my opinion.

First of all we can recall what happened during the last month? The online Weiyi of Demon Emperor and Yunjia thinks that there is no problem, and the only new gameplay “Road to Tribulation” may be a point we can discuss. This new gameplay Weiyi thinks it is a bit interesting, but Judging from the feedback received after analyzing this event last time…Many players still have doubts about the number of Heroic Spirits required for this event, or in other words think that this gameplay is boring and disgusting. …..These similar comments are also very numerous in the backstage of Weiyi’s official account, so perhaps this gameplay is also one of the reasons why everyone is unfavorable to recharge this month.

In addition, although the expectations of Zhen Yin this month are very strong, he is an Iron Guard Heroic Spirit. Everyone knows that the greatest use of Tiewei Heroic Spirit is in PVP, and the official Dengfeng PVP data released two days ago is also clear. It shows that the players who like to play this game are really only a very small part, and the strength of another skin-changing hero, Da Qingluo, is… It’s hard to say, and the players of the world’s robbery mobile game also have a very interesting The characteristic is that once a new Heroic Spirit of the skin-changing type appears in a certain month, the flow of water will definitely be unstoppable. You can see from the table above that the flow of water fell off a cliff when Fang Yun and Iron Hand Xia Houyi went online at the end of September last year, so maybe Da Qingluo’s skin change is also one of the reasons why the flow of water plummeted this month.

In addition, some water friends left a message to Wei Yi, saying that many friends recharged from the PC side, so this running water record must not be counted as part of this part. Having said that, Tiandijie mobile game has been open for a year and a half, you have to say It is unrealistic to see how many players will go to the PC to recharge in just one month, so everyone just needs to look directly at the fact that the flow of water has plummeted. According to the current official operation strategy of Tiandijie mobile game Look, it’s been so many months since the mainline has been updated, and living should be the biggest goal, hey.

The above is the content of today’s analysis. Finally, I hope everyone can pay attention and forward a lot to support Weiyi. Thank you again friends for watching! Don’t forget to click while watching and liking!