Heaven and Earth Tribulation Mobile Games: Analysis of the New Version of Magic Weapons! There’s no such thing as my big Cao Qin?

Hello everyone, I am thinking about Shenbing and 3C’s He Weiyi.

In today’s article, let’s analyze the 5 magic weapon skills that are about to log into the new version as usual. Objectively speaking, it is approaching the level 70 mark, and it is also approaching the 3C skills of some heroic spirits. It can also be seen in the current planning that when designing new heroic spirits, magic weapon skills have become part of its essence, which means that magic weapon skills and new heroic spirits must actually be combined to be the comprehensive strength of the old version of heroic spirits when they were launched in the past. , but this time the national teacher and the prince still have some surprises, and then we elaborate:

First of all, the magic weapon of the national division has further improved her damage and injury-free ability . Although the enemy’s position within the cross grid is not so mastered, at least it can be done without injury. In addition, the magic weapon skills are also for Baai Er. Provides stronger replay CD recovery , which is also a big improvement for the talent replay with only 2 rounds of cooldown at the fastest.

But in general, Baer’s magic weapon is born for PVP, and there are not many scenes that can play a role in PVE. First of all, the damage increase requirements of the two enemies basically rule out the boss level, although the re-moving mechanism is still somewhat. It is useful, but in view of Ba’er’s own irreplaceability problem, she may still shine in PVP in the future.

Then the prince’s magic weapon skill is a derivative effect based on the talent 3 choose 1 poison plan. Among them, the effect of the [Soul Power] buff is still very impressive . I saw the appearance of the enhanced version of Iron Hand Xia Houyi, but if you want to get this [Soul Power] buff, the conditions are much more difficult than Iron Hand Xia Houyi’s attribute enhancement. Fang needs to die, which will put high demands on everyone’s pre-judgment, and it would be a waste to give the [Different] state to the summons that the opponent is most likely to hang up on. Wei Yi does not have high expectations for how often the soldier skill can be triggered, but if it is triggered, the result may be completely different, so it is a tactical weapon with the icing on the cake.

Then the third Ren Duanli’s magic weapon skills are quite impressive. Wei Yi thinks that the future Ren Duanli should be able to have a large gain change. After all, it is not very difficult to improve the trigger conditions of the magic wear, and at the same time, the range is improved. Although the threshold for the improvement of mobility and mobility is not low, once it is triggered, the qualitative change effect of Ren Duanli can be said to be real. When the monk is really unexpected.

In addition, Ren Duanli’s magic weapon skill can also play a significant role in PVE dungeons. The highest 20% magic wear has a certain qualitative effect on Ren Duanli’s final damage increase.

Then Jiuyin’s magic weapon skills seem to be very good. The random buff after praying and the buff with a certain amount can also obtain the critical strike rate and the improvement of both parties, which can make Jiuyin permanently stronger in the early stage of the battle. Coping type, but on the other hand, Jiuyin God Soldier did not solve the substantive problem of Jiuyin, that is, it takes a long time to warm up, but considering that after the warm-up is completed, Jiuyin will block the killing of gods and Buddhas. Situation, if the magic weapon skills can solve the problem of her warm-up speed, then the future Jiuyin will go directly to the T0 direction, which is definitely not allowed under the current big version environment. The last demon emperor has already Enough of a headache, once this makes Jiuyin turn over, then the Jiuyin White Bone Claw must not grab the Heaven and Earth Tribulation Mobile Game into a great robbery…

So be it, no matter how much love is over, the song is over! Gao Huangjun, as one of the good memories left by many fans of the original book, can only be described as unworthy in the game. After all, the past Gao Huangjun’s playing rate can only be described with words like “menke Luoque”, but after adding this The magic weapon skills of increasing damage and immune to debuffs are a bit interesting. In addition, this increase in healing should be the same. After all, the healing of Emperor Gao should be considered as long as you don’t have too high expectations…will Well, in the future, with the [Tianjiyin] skill, it may give Gao Huangjun a position in PVP. As a noble queen of light, it should be the official sincerity to do this step…

Generally speaking, the official 5 magic weapon skills for next month are still relatively conservative. Among them, Gao Huangjun and Ren Duanli should have a qualitative effect. Let’s wait and see for the other 3!

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