Heaven and Earth Tribulation Mobile Game: Level 70 Open! The Golden State version is coming! It’s finally official

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is admiring the national teacher.

Tonight, the official finally started the news of the new version. As a major version in November, the content of this update should be quite… acceptable. First of all, on the level ceiling, the major version in November will be determined. Level 70 will be activated, and this system, which has been delayed for nearly 3 months, will finally be unveiled.

Then with the increase of the upper limit of level 70 characters, there is no doubt that the new balance system to be added by the official is the 3C skill system, which should be called the 3 internal force skills in the game of Heaven and Earth Tribulation. 6 The upper limit of the total skill collocation of internal force can improve the balance of different characters to a certain extent, replacing the balance adjustment method dominated by the magic weapon system in the past.

In addition, the official also pointed out that the skills of some characters will also usher in breakthroughs, and there is something that is not very clear here is that the 3C skills will definitely be launched slowly, and it is absolutely impossible to swarm in the same version. Turning on the 3C skills of all heroes, this logic is the same concept as the magic weapon system when the upper limit of 65 levels was opened in the past. After all, it is still a balance adjustment method. .And what the official did not explain is, will the skill breakthrough of some characters be 3C skills? The possibility of this is not low. In addition, according to the current plot trend of the game, Yin Jianping’s skill breakthrough effect has actually been seen by everyone:

The first picture in the above picture is the breakthrough version of [Flying Star Sword], and the following is Yin Jianping’s [Flying Star Sword] in the current version. The damage and damage increase ability of the breakthrough version skills are higher than the original version. Perhaps this is also the tone for many future breakthrough skills to improve.

Then there are two new Heroic Spirits next month. The first one is introduced as shown in the picture above, so from the descriptions of the national teacher, red hair, etc., it can basically be determined that she is the Jin Guo national teacher Ba Aier who appeared in the plot before!

In the original plot battle, she is a heroic spirit of the flame-type Yufeng profession. This is interesting. Is there a woman who can compete with Sister Cao?

Then the second person is definitely not ordinary from the utensils on the picture and the text introduction, so I think from all the characters who have appeared in the past…

He is Wanyanlie, the Prince of Jin Guo who has repeatedly played the bad guy in the plot… You can say that you have a bad woman Jin Guoguo, but even this bad Jin Guo man has appeared. , Although it is not impossible, but after all, I still feel that the remaining characters are really a little anxious? Because no one has done the plot of the eclipse, the original IP characters in the future will definitely be delayed a lot.

Finally, for next month’s 3950 skin, the importance of learning PS is once again revealed. Although it is not very clear, it is basically similar to Sui Jiu, and everyone can look forward to it.

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