Heaven and Earth Tribulation Mobile Game: Die before leaving the apprenticeship, the prince of the long envoy is full of tears! talk about the poor prince

Hello everyone, I am He Weiyi who is mourning the prince.

It is said that various domestic games have been adjusted to varying degrees recently. For example, 2 games have been adjusted in several games made by Weiyi. You can see the game “Lost in Time” below. Some of the vertical painting changes before and after adjustment on Thursday:

Add fabric to the chest, normal operation.

Put on the safety pants, remove the hickey, the scary rabbit head turns into a cute rabbit head, and then the clown on the playing card turns into a square three, the left hand cannot leak out, and you have to tie a glove that reaches the left shoulder.

The skirt became longer, the blood-red details at the end of the skirt were completely removed, and the color of the blood-red spines on the ground were all changed to gray-black…

The key brand upgrade interface is directly adjusted from red to off-white… This is really not easy.

Of course, in addition to the adjustment of the game “Indefinitely Lost”, there are actually many well-known games that have also received adjusted XX. For example, the well-known “dnf” is one of the hardest hit areas. Let’s take a look at the following pictures before and after the adjustment. Contrast, please hold back from laughing…

The little monster can’t do without pants. After the modification, the little monster’s underwear was put on.

The thumbs down is too uncivilized, so the revised thumbs are up, so as to show the civilized Tanabata…

Then continue to wear pants… This should also be regarded as a kind of fabric addition in theory.

Of course, no matter how you change it, as long as the thing is still there, the character is still alive, but for today’s world robbery mobile game, this adjustment is not so lucky, you can go to see all the current official Media channels, in which all the propaganda articles and videos about the previous new hero Wanyanlie have been removed from the shelves. As for the reason, you can take a look at the picture below which is not easy to find on the Internet. …..

Objectively speaking, Weiyi is not very supportive of Wanyanlie’s launch, but my own objection has not risen to the level of reporting directly. However, after some players reported this time, Wanyanlie was unable to go online. Consequences, and today was originally Friday, the test server should have been opened today, but there were also big problems because of Wanyanlie’s report, so the new version next Wednesday is estimated to be unavailable, just a few days. It is estimated that it is difficult to connect the time to change the task, the standing painting, the skill, and the copywriting. Unless the official directly replaces Wanyanlie with a ready-made character, basically the next big version will be launched again. It’s going to be delayed by at least a week.

It’s not easy to say anything about the current reporting mechanism Weiyi. In short, this mechanism is essentially set up to improve the overall civilization of the Internet. Some bad things should be changed. After all, there are no rules and no rules. The new content can be more in line with public opinion…

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