Hearthstone version 24.6 preview: new version announced on November 2

Hearthstone version 24.6 preview: new version announced on November 2

Patch 24.6 is about to go live, bringing major content updates! To get an overview of all the great stuff, let’s take a look at some of the new features, as well as a lot to look forward to.

The new expansion pack will be revealed on November 2

Beginning at 1:00AM GMT on November 2, we will announce the new expansion pack and other content for Hearthstone! Follow the official Hearthstone website for more information.

halloween is coming

Patch 24.6 includes content for the Halloween event. This year we’ll have a big celebration with lots of fun new content, and old friends that players love will return. Details will be announced soon!

New Tavern Battle Chess “War Chess Hammer”

Patch 24.6 brings a brand new way to obtain a personalized item in Tavern Wargames: the Warchess Hammer. Each Warchess Hammer event includes a selection of limited-time Tavern Warchess personalization items*, at least one of which is Legendary! After purchasing the War Chess Treasure Hammer entry qualification, you can get a ” Treasure Hammer” every time you get the top four records during the event. Each treasure hammer can randomly drop a prize in the event treasure pool!

The first War Hammer event is the Halloween series, which has 10 items, including two legendary items (a legendary battle panel, a legendary strike effect), and other content. The entry price for participating in the event is 68 rune stones, and you can get two treasure hammers immediately after purchase.

In addition, all players can get a chance to smash the prize for free! Regardless of whether it is officially entered or not, everyone can enjoy the holiday gifts, and players who are willing to buy the War Chess Treasure Hammer can get all 10 kinds of rewards in the treasure pool with only seven top four records.

*The items in each War Chess Hammer event will only appear in the form of a collection for a limited time, and may be available for individual acquisition again in the future.

Mercenary Discipline Mission Rework and Reputation System

Starting from patch 24.6, we will update the mission system. Since the launch of Mercenary War Chronicles, the mission system has been an important part of this mode. We hope that players can get free coins and mercenary packs through missions to help you expand your collection and enhance the strength of mercenaries in the game. Since its launch, we have optimized the mission system several times, so that players can more easily acquire new missions, and the chain of missions is endless. Starting with patch 24.6, we will open up more opportunities: all quest chains will always be open!

The missions you advance in the game will be determined by the mercenaries in the current team. This means you can choose which quest chain you want to complete, and you can do up to six quest chains at once!

In patch 24.6, we’ll also be adding a brand new reputation system, where players can exchange excess coins for coins for mercenaries they already own but haven’t fully upgraded yet. Excess coins can be converted to Fame at any time and then exchanged at the campfire. Since all quests have been changed to always open, the daily resettable content in the Campfire will be changed to redeemable not fully upgraded mercenaries, as well as more generic mercenary quests that are not related to the current quest chain.

Stay tuned to the upcoming 24.6 Patch Notes for more details on the Fame and Quest update!

Borrowing Decks for New and Returning Players

Beginning with Patch 24.6, the free deck experience for new and returning players* will also be upgraded. Instead of choosing a free deck before returning to the ladder, players will be able to borrow six decks for a week and then choose to add one of the free decks to their collection permanently! We expect this change to give new and returning players more options when joining the ladder, allowing players to make decisions after figuring out where to expand their collection.

*Includes players who have not played the “Closed Cases of Nasria Fort” expansion. The contents of the deck and more details can be found in the official blue post.

That’s all we can share at the moment. Stay tuned for the announcement of the new expansion pack at 1:00 am Beijing time on November 2 for other breaking news. see you then!