Hearthstone legend “Bai Meng” wild version answer or trap? The Miracle Thief of Trapped Beasts

Hearthstone legend “Bai Meng” wild version answer or trap? The miracle thief trapped in the beast is on the way to the top 1. Preface

Hello everyone, I am a member of the Battle Report of Millions of Pets, such as the Battle of the Trapped Beasts (Station B ID: Trapped Beasts that do not know ghosts and animals). Take charge of the Miracle Thief section together.

Due to the high popularity of the card group recently, it is made into a separate post, which is also convenient for everyone to read and discuss.

I believe that you have encountered a lot of miracle thieves with no disguise in Wild recently, with Frostwolf generals and clerks. The card group was originally created by myself this month, and the idea of ​​the card group came from the top five in the wild national server this month. The cross-dressing miracle thief as well as the standard upload of the miracle thief

Regarding this deck, there are mixed reviews, some people say milk is to play, some people say it’s stupid, some people say that there is no disadvantage in the game, only inferior to yourself. So aside from the subjective evaluation of the deck, today we will talk about the strategy for keeping cards in the deck. Of course, the use of the deck also depends on the individual’s usual playing style, playing habits, understanding of the game, and rich experience in the game. These are all things that I can’t teach you in a short guide, and you need to develop them through actual combat.

Second, the card group


I started using this card group to score on the 17th, and the monthly rankings started in sections. At the time of submission, the national service reached the top with a 66-win rate.

3. Ideas

1. This is a set of explosive super-expansion rhythm decks. After a wave of super-expansion scenes in the early stage, the opponent will be terminated within 1-2 rounds. As shown below

2. Every card is a resource. When there is no end point, don’t do extra operations. For example, if you have a gate of shadow in your hand, it is not recommended to play it directly. The endpoints are: Dafan, Dafan, and Landmark.

3. When facing the control deck, after the 4th mana, don’t take out all the cards in the hand, and calculate the number of rounds to end the opponent according to the field attack. If the attack power of the landmark or the weapon can end the opponent, don’t brush the cards too much.

4. The same is true for the channel. For the check card in the channel, if the scene is large enough, try to save one or two.

5. Be careful not to stick to the grid.

Fourth, keep the card

It is very important to keep cards in the starting hand, especially this deck has a lot of combos. This is a simple hand-holding table I made. The next-level cards will only be retained when there are previous-level cards.

Simple and easy to understand

1. Find the terminals such as Daofan/Dafan/Landmark by checking/swiping cards

2. When there is no terminal, find the card/landmark by trading black knives and opening channels to prepare for the next round.

Five, single card analysis

secret passage

Regarding the timing of using the secret channel, I will give you a brief summary

1. There are a lot of combo cards in hand, but there is no end point. At this time, you need to play a lot of cards, reserve the cost, and find the end point through the channel

2. If you have an endpoint in your hand but no cards in your hand, you can use the channel to pass the cards and save your cards to prepare for the next round.

3. The big fan on the field is not big enough or when the big fan is down in the round, the channel finds the shadow step to return the big fan to build a big Van Cleef figure

mailbox dancer

The idea of ​​​​with a mailbox comes from the previous mailbox giant thief. It is one of the starting methods of the card group. With the shadow step, you can brush combos. In the face of slow decks, you can get naked for 2 mana to prepare for the next round’s explosion.

Frostwolf General, Scribbled Clerk

These are two cards that increase the upper limit, which is very helpful for expanding the scene in the early stage, and can also cooperate with the shadow step to create landmarks/big fan/knife fan. The scribbled clerk, the card I brought with me was influenced by the standard Miracle Rogue’s thinking, and because of its raid property, it was also very useful in actual combat.

fishing time

By combing the bottom, you can draw the cards you want more stably.

Edwin, Head of Defias

The endgame is turned over and the card is checked. If there are bone spurs waiting for an opportunity, you can play early. If you have a good figure, you can play a slow card group and you can check the card for 4 costs when you have no rhythm. Find the rhythm. After the control card group is dismissed, it can continue. Playing otk can chase dreams for four costs. It is a good card for keeping the lower limit of the deck and pursuing the upper limit.

Discard single card

shadow dancer sonia

In theory, it can cooperate with 644 scribbled clerks, but in fact the trigger conditions are very harsh.

prize grabber

The existence of prize predators may cause you to get stuck when facing a deck that urgently needs to end your opponent, such as a ghost-opening sea mine control deck, which may affect your upper limit

Lurking Veil

It is also a card that guarantees the lower limit. It costs 3 more than 2, but there is a problem that if the generals of the Frostwolf and the scribbled clerks are stupid, they may get stuck on their own rhythm.

6. Game analysis

Only select mainstream games for analysis, some unpopular decks, please think about them in similar games

Cosmic Dark Shepherd

To defend against nothing is to defend against everything, and Yu An can have everything or nothing. Very complicated game, don’t defend anything, you can’t defend.

From my own experience, there are the following ways to win:

1. After the early super expansion, the five mana pressure Sebu ends

2. In the early stage, rely on landmarks and one or two followers to slowly grind blood, and finally press the cloth or make a knife to end

3. In the early stage, the card hand only has landmarks. Through 5-6 charges, you can press the opposite rhythm of Sebuka. Shadow step back to Sebu and swipe cards to create landmarks/knife fans/dafans, and a wave of more than 40 attacks and calls to kill

All kinds of fast break

The idea is to create a huge landmark/big fan while clearing the field. Note that when facing even-numbered Sa and other decks with decaying clearing, it is more secure to create a landmark, and you should also pay attention to your hand cards when creating a big fan. Don’t waste a lot of combos in a hurry to return to the game, and play with the landmark/big fan to maximize the value.

Rhythm Deck Arcane

Playing arcane landmarks is very powerful, give priority to building landmarks and big fan, this game is relatively easy, arcana does not have the ability to solve your big monsters, you only need to pay attention to the mysteries such as anti-fa and objection.


Warlock’s solution has a 4-mana Frenzy and Soul Rend, and now comes with an arson charge to counter it. The way of thinking is actually similar to that of Da Yu An. It is worth noting that when there is a scene, press the opponent’s 8 blood to prevent the old giant fin. Since the deck does not have prize predators, after you press a wave of the scene, the opponent’s four-cost blood fish old giant fin, then you only have double bone spurs to solve (no double bone spurs, please think about why the opposite 40 card group can find the blood fish old man giant fins, and you can’t find two bone spurs in 30 cards).


Pay attention to the fear scale snake flower, refer to the universe dark animal husbandry for the play method

Battlecry Sa

Playing Battlecry Sa 6 mana is a watershed, the opposite side Xueluo turn, Sebu can’t hold back, so try to actively attack before 5 mana. Knife-making is the best way to end an opponent. Poisonous fish suits are difficult to prevent, you can only bet on the opposite side, or create a wave of small scenes for 3-4 costs to cheat them out. At this time, you should pay attention to the pouring of your hands.

Otk (ghost thief, sea thunder thief, door opening method, heart fire animal husbandry)

The four sets are all otk that start quickly, and the ways to win the game are as follows:

1. It is necessary to quickly launch an active attack in the early stage, and cooperate with the Sebu blockade to win the game

2. Relative to ghosts and sea thunder, don’t be too anxious to open the door, this game has a landmark Sebu shadow and basically win

3. It takes priority to make landmarks and swords in the heart of fire and animal husbandry, and it is a watershed after 5 mana, because the opposite 5 mana has the combo of the gift of the ascendant + the burnout light wave, it can only be said that the battle will be ended as soon as possible.

miracle thief

The difference between the winning percentages of the civil war and the first hand is obvious. You have to remember that this deck has no ridicule and no blood recovery. Only two scribbled clerks and bone spurs can solve it a little bit. So count the number of attacking rounds. In the case that both sides have the floor, calculate the number of rounds to end the opponent, pay attention to the hands of both sides, and be able to slap the face decisively. Except for the black knife and the psychic lord Draka, this deck has no direct damage, and you can bet that the opponent won’t be able to take out a little attack. It is very important to count the number of offensive rounds in a civil war.

7. Conclusion

As a new deck, compared with the cross-dressing miracle thief, there is no need to deliberately reduce the cost of Gnoll in the early stage. The second cost can directly play the landmark, the start is fast, the rhythm in the early stage is full, and the scene expansion is very exaggerated. The upper limit is high in the early stage, and it is relatively easy to play OTK decks, but there is a lack of clearing and follow-up, and it is easy to break the rhythm after a wave of control decks are cleared. Since there are no gnolls, it is also a bit disadvantageous to face the fast break of the court. The deck is quick to get started, and the operation is full, but if you want to hit the high tier, it will take more experience in the game.

Finally, I end with a simple picture. I wish you all a happy score!