Hearthstone Arena | Chaos Maw Arena 12-win card selection tutorial (Knight + Shaman)

Hearthstone Arena | Chaos Maw Arena 12-win card selection tutorial (Knight + Shaman)

As we all know, it has now entered the end of the version… that escape into the arena should be the best choice. Ali has selected the teaching videos of this version’s two 12 wins this time, including the knight who is still strong after the weakening, and the shaman 12-0 with the best card selection experience in this version!

The article only excerpts some of the controversial points, if you want to get the full experience, don’t miss the original video!

(1) Knight Chapter:

After the Arena Knights ushered in a nerf, in the new environment, Ali used a set of two-man knights all the way to 12 wins. Why did Ali overturn his previous views and boldly choose a double-header? Let’s go directly to today’s card selection and see Ali’s mental journey!

The first catch, the strength of the mysterious blade is average, unless the last few catches have no weapons and no supplements will be considered, here we choose the enhanced punishment of black and evil. There is no AOE in this version, the 5 reporting scenes are very stressful, and there are many cooperation cards such as jury duty, horse trainer, promotion, etc. for investment.

First come a solid battlefield monster, the snowman. For functional cards like Traveling Healer and Mushroom Brewer, you still need to look at the number of 4-cost monsters in the field, and whether there are imprisoned wicked dogs/tar/arrogant orcs and other creatures suitable for milk at low cost. Otherwise, unless it is a profession that requires blood return, such as a warlock, it is generally not selected first.

The imprisoned Sungill Murloc is a god card that is underestimated by many people, and the selection rate is very low. As long as he can play for 1 mana, he is really, really powerful. Although it takes 4 mana to act, he will earn blood no matter how he trades, and he won’t lose by hitting AOE on the opposite side. The main focus of this version is to spread the field and exchange. I don’t need to say more about the importance of frequency, right?

These 3 cards are bad, if 2 mana is not enough, I should choose Librarian to get off the field naked. Violet is really at a loss. Considering that there is dedication, it is equal. It belongs to the upper limit of garbage grabbing. Normally, it is not recommended to choose this kind of card player to solve the card.

The second one is in the future, and the next two are really not good! If it was a tar lizard or something like that, it wouldn’t do much. Some friends want to say, Ali, didn’t you say the trap of the go-getter version before? Why is it so fragrant?

In the last version, due to the fast pace and the master hunter in power, both professions have direct injuries. A lot of times, you can’t hit 10 mana, and even if you reach 10 mana, the overall situation has been decided, and the go-getter will be powerless. Now, although the rhythm is also fast, the strong occupations are mainly knights and other occupations, and they attach great importance to the exchange of scenes, so it is not so easy to kill people.

And a bigger problem is the reduction of battery life. The older brother can take less in the previous version, relying on the scroll manager, the black rock spell scribe, and the quality of various training supplements. In the current environment, it’s really hard for you to kill someone without a big brother, so it’s not a bad idea to be a two-man. Guaranteeing the early curve will be able to win steadily, and the go-getter is just a guarantee.

Giant Transformation is not a strong card, and most of the time it is blessed with power. When there is a ratchet, you can choose without thinking, and can play well, but generally it is more stuck. Here we take down the snake skin lizard and continue to make up the curve.

Don’t take the second Holy Shield potion, let’s get a dire wolf. In addition to the standard monsters that need to be filled, the knights also need some such **** followers to increase the exchange cap after the layout.

This deck is still a bit bulky. Except for a knife, there is absolutely no way to return to the field in the early stage. Here, I reluctantly gave up the powerful rhythm point Murloc Vampire and chose this Fire Feather Phoenix.

This Hand of Adal is key and helps us snowball the early game. The Great Sword is a useful card to be honest, but it doesn’t make much money, so the second card is unnecessary.

Here is the unquestionable take down of this Master Ockhart. Some people despise this card, thinking that 9 mana is slow and the field attack is low, but in fact it has a bit of a face, no matter the offense and defense, it is very good, and it is better than Onyxia. Moreover, we also have excellent cooperation such as tar, stone skin, and red herring. As long as it is not sinking to the bottom, it can also have the effect of filtering the card library. It is also an underrated god card.

This set didn’t pick the banquet giant servant until the selection was finished, and other brainless strong cards such as Horn, Bronze Dragon, Ratchet, Hall, and Stegosaurus Riding were not available. It can be seen that after the update, the knight’s win rate has indeed dropped a little. If we want to win high, our main idea is to play the rhythm. While ensuring that the early curve is full, use some functional cards to ensure the upper limit and return.

Take this set as an example, Dire Wolf, Aegis of Aegis, and Hand of Adar help us snowball, Sanctuary of Righteousness, Creation of Equality, and Dedication to fight the backhand. Another point is very important, big brother must be sufficient! This version has very little battery life, and most of the check cards make the rhythm not dare to choose. If you want to kill the opponent before you run out of cards in your hand, don’t hesitate to see purple rock bugs, warriors of Stormwind City, and stoneborn warriors. As long as the curve doesn’t collapse, choose a few cards first!

(2) Shaman articles:

Many people play shaman, except for mutations, they only play defensive counterattacks. In the early stage, the lightning storm maelstrom solved a solution, and dragged it to the later stage of 8610 to copy and persuade retreat, but they ignored another important way for shaman to win, that is, ” frequency”. The shaman’s hero skills are destined to expand the frequency advantage of the scene. If the dealer never sends you a big brother, it is also a good choice to follow the rhythm flow~

First of all, here is Dai Jiawei. Volcano Eruption is not suitable for first selection. When you are not sure about the shape of the deck, the card player will release the card and put it aside first. Aegis modders can expand their advantages and make up for the knife, making them more flexible.

Undoubtedly single choice, scavenger destroyer. What? Did you ask Ali just now that he didn’t say that the player who didn’t choose the card would solve the card? After all, this is a strange stand. Although it sometimes gets stuck, the rhythm is much better, and it has a very strong ability to return to the field when it is at a disadvantage. It is even easier to use than the fire door. You need to choose your own AOE carefully for fast break, but you can still get them such as Destroyer Demon and Beginning Dragon.

I don’t like this 7-cost silly big man. It’s too helpful for the scene. The strong knights and warlocks in the environment have white card hard solutions with a high appearance rate. If it’s a go-getter, a big bug, or a Stormwind warrior, I should consider it. Here, let’s choose this arrogant orc. Many people also have misunderstandings about this card. They think that the combat effectiveness is very bad after being slapped by 11. In fact, it can also be regarded as 31 taunting Deathrattle 15 taunting, for the offensive profession In other words, if you can control the frequency to remove stray hairs, the strength is not inferior to tar at all.

Reluctantly gave up the stone descendants and belonged to yes. It’s not Ali Yun**, this silt pool should have been intentionally increased by Blizzard, and it is currently the second highest occurrence rate among all blue cards (the first is pirates with suspicious warriors). Friends who often play shaman should also know that landmarks are good choices.

The cards are almost gone, and there are less than 3 spells. Let’s get a spore here. Even if you can only copy some small hairs, it is not bad to continue to play with bloodthirsty, stone descendants, etc.

Here’s a late-entrant minion, the Dire Wolf. The shaman’s portrait cap is also quite high, but that depends on some damage-based cards. In this deck, it is estimated that only totems can be copied, so it is better to have 3 totems and knives.

There are no spells in this deck until the selection is complete. The ones that appear in front are all kinds of things like Healing Rain, Sapphire, Primordial Amulet, and Murloc Soul, but they mainly rely on the layout and mutation system to overcome all obstacles and get 12. -0!

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, I’m not saying that shamans have to play this way to win. If you have a thick card and you need to deal with it, you can also choose from the eruption in front of you. There are Torghast Admin, Criminal Procession, and Son of the Swamp. , Sludge Devourer and other quality cards, the subsequent card selection ideas and in-game play will be completely different. Shaman is the most fun career in this version of Ali, because the experience is changeable and the thinking is not fixed. If there are other typical card group cases in the future, I will explain it to you for a special episode~ Well, this episode is here. , If you like it, give it a thumbs up. If you want to learn the arena, follow me. See you in the next issue!