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Marvel Showdown | S12: Lightspeed Answers for New Mode Tournament Preface

Hello, everyone, my name is Defa Wang. Today Lightspeed brings you the answer to the new version of the tournament.

The basic rules will not be popularized, everyone will understand it when they are familiar with it. Time is running out, get to the point.

in conclusion

Without further ado, let’s talk about the conclusion: Championship Strength Ranking V1.0

T0: Hyrule Rocky, Spectral Moonstone, Various Deadpools

T1: Erika Blade, Sheena, Gorefiend Iron Man

T2: Doctor,

T3: Star-Lord, Thor, Magneto, Widow,…


Take the strongest Hyrule Rocky as an example, and other decks use its card-holding mode as a reference:

1 round: all cards are taken, and the combat power is full –> upgrade

2 rounds: all the cards are taken, and the combat power is full

3 turns: Ascension –> Find Loki

4 rounds: Loki, Grandmaster, and others take whatever you want. Mainly to form the primary cycle of Loki + Grandmaster

5 rounds: Reinforce the cycle of Loki + Grandmaster + Illusionary Power –> Upgrade

6 rounds: Enter 5 books and start searching for Cursed Warriors + Spicy Chicken Silk for defense

7 rounds: if it is formed, then it is basically random


To make a long story short, the basic core idea is to use the narrowing of the search range and the enlargement of the gem resources in the early stage to find the most powerful and cost-effective characters. The enlargement of gem resources in the early stage has basically established the cost performance of our rhythm. It should be around 4. Therefore, in 3 books, 4 books to find the most cost-effective role. At the same time, if there are more characters of this kind of strength and cost-effectiveness below 4 copies of the same hero, then the hero will be stronger.

For example, Hela: 4 copies of Loki + Grand Master. Shocking Team: 4 Mana Event + Spectrum. Deadpool: Panda + Goddess of Resurrection. Iron Man: Lady Gorefiend and more


Playing a tournament in a new mode for the first time can be fun. But there are other issues with tournaments too – imbalances.

But even in this case, the tournament would still be more meaningful than the Fairy Tail. The reasons are as follows:

1. There has always been a problem in Marvel duel that new players are out of cards and cannot be integrated into the game. Under the rich rewards of the new mode tournament, after players are familiar with the basic rules, they can exchange (gold coins + time) for more resources (card packs). We can understand the tournament as the Hearthstone Arena, where low-krypton players compensate for the gap with the big players. In this way, the ladder environment will have a steady stream of new players entering and staying.

2. Simplified the model in the Battle Flag mode: The strategy complexity of the Marvel Battle Flag mode is relatively high. Using the simplification of the tournament model (only one hero can be selected) can more easily help new players integrate into the game step by step. Instead of opening a completely unrelated Manxian card (which does not reduce the learning cost for new players at all)