Heart 72 hours S2 guests all arrived in Xiamen, the male anchor started the “Last Singles Night” carnival

When it comes to a live broadcast platform with the most attention in China, it is estimated that the first thing most netizens think of is the Huya live broadcast platform. After the official operation in recent years, the Huya live broadcast platform also has many different styles. Not only that, Huya official also, with its excellent revitalization ability, always launches various types of variety shows from time to time, which greatly satisfies the viewing needs of the majority of netizens and has gained the attention of countless netizens. .

I believe that netizens who have been paying attention to the Huya platform know that some time ago, Huya officially launched a new round of rectification and launched the first love variety show “Heartbeat 72 Hours” on the entire network. In this show, the official invited Zhang Jiawen. , Zisheng and other male guests and lovely hostesses such as Bury, Lubao, Zhuzhu Xiaoyou and other beautiful anchors formed CP to do all kinds of work. What’s interesting is that Zhang Jiawen was actually taken care of by all kinds of girls during this period, and he was very prepared in front of the girls, but Even so, the first season of “72 Hours of Heart” is still highly praised, and even though it has ended, it is still very popular on the Internet.

It is worth mentioning that because the first season of “72 Hours of Heart” has been well received, the official convenience has recently begun to quickly prepare for the second season of “72 Hours of Heart”. At present, the official has officially announced that the first season will be opened in Xiamen on the 28th. The second season of “72 Hours of Heart”, at the same time, the official also invited four male anchors including AJ, Zhang Jiawen, Zisheng, Moyuan, as well as Bingtang, Zhou Zhouzi, Little Baby Bottle, and a mysterious female guest to participate together. In between, many netizens are also looking forward to it.

At present, these guests have all arrived in Xiamen, where the “72 Hours of Heart” was held, and several male anchors also joined a group for a “Last Singles Night” live broadcast that night. It is worth mentioning that in order to prevent AJ from There are too many female anchors in the show. The beautiful guests of the last season still arrived in Xiamen without receiving an official invitation, and they also started a date with AJ directly. The effect of the show was directly full! Now the second season of “72 Hours of Heart” is about to start. I wonder what interesting things will happen in this show? Let’s wait and see!