[Healthy House] These common foods may hide “toxins”, let’s see if there are any on your dining table!

Sprouted potatoes are not edible

Rotten fruit cannot be eaten

Moldy food should not be eaten

These little common sense can be said that no one knows, no one knows

But in fact, there are still many foods in life that have not sprouted.

It’s not rotten, but it’s also inedible!

Today, I am going to tell you about

Those “hidden crisis” foods~


Soft-hearted egg

Many people like to eat boiled eggs and raw eggs, thinking that this kind of eggs is more nutritious, but experts say that eating half-boiled eggs has the risk of bacterial infection.

Egg shells have pores, which are likely to be infected by bacteria and parasites, especially when stored for a long time. Bacterial poisoning may occur when eating raw or half-boiled eggs.

Also, raw eggs are not as nutritious as cooked eggs . There is an anti-trypsin substance in raw eggs, which will hinder the absorption of protein in eggs; and there are ingredients in raw eggs that hinder the absorption of vitamin B7.

So let’s eat hard-boiled eggs.


raw green beans

The two toxic substances , toxic protein and saponin in raw green beans, if they are not cooked thoroughly, will be poisoned 1 to 5 hours after eating, with mild headaches and dizziness, severe nausea, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

The toxins at both ends of the green beans are high, so they should be removed . When cooking, it should not be scalded or stir-fried like other vegetables. It must be simmered for more than 10 minutes.


day lily

Daylily contains colchicine , which is oxidized into highly toxic dicolchicine after entering the human body , which will strongly stimulate the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems and cause food poisoning.

Therefore, before cooking, we should first blanch the fresh day lily in boiling water , then soak it in water for more than 2 hours, remove it, squeeze out the juice, and fry it thoroughly .



Many people ignore the toxicity of nuts, including ginkgo, bitter almonds, cherry kernels, apple kernels , etc.

Ginkgo contains ginkgo acid, ginkgo alcohol and other toxic components and ginkgo poison, which will damage peripheral nerves .

Because other nuts contain amygdalin and amygdalin enzymes, they are prone to produce hydrocyanic acid after hydrolysis, causing poisoning .

In autumn, ginkgo will become a side dish on the table again, but remember that ginkgo cannot be eaten raw, although the toxicity will be weakened after heating, but the amount should be controlled , and about 10 capsules should be eaten at a time .

Correct and scientific understanding of the food around you

Make our diet safer and our body healthier~

Source: Popular Science China, Life Times, Popular Science Panda