He Yunfei: “Brand Repair Craftsman” to Eliminate “Diseases”

Work creates the future and struggles to realize dreams. In order to further promote the spirit of model workers, the spirit of labor and the spirit of craftsmen, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions launched a series of reports on “Practice to be the first to pay tribute to outstanding workers”, inspiring the majority of workers and the masses to be brave in the torrent of competition among hundreds of boats and thousands of sails. Winning an advantage in the competition of not advancing or being weak, not strong or weak, and showing new achievements in the journey of building a modern ocean city and a pilot city of a demonstration area for common prosperity.

    There is such a group of “doctors” who work outdoors all day and deal with vehicles. They are bus maintenance workers called “bus doctors”. He Yunfei, the electrician team leader of the repair shop of Zhoushan Public Transportation Co., Ltd., was praised as a “brand repair craftsman” by colleagues and passengers. For more than 8 years, he has participated in and led the team to repair 1,996 buses of various types (times). Responsible for ensuring the safety and smooth travel of the public. Last year, he was selected as the first batch of “Zhejiang Young Craftsmen” training programs, and this year he was selected as the first batch of municipal chief workers in Zhoushan City.

                  Stick to the post, work hard and show responsibility

    He Yunfei is 35 years old this year. Regardless of his age, he is a first-level/senior auto repair technician with 17 years of car repair experience. With rich experience, he can quickly judge whether a car is “sick” and how to “treat” it.

    In midsummer, buses running under high temperature are more prone to failures, and the frequent failures mainly include air conditioning system failures and three-electrical system failures of new energy vehicles. As soon as the vehicle entered the repair shop, He Yunfei quickly “healed” against the scorching sun.

    On a sunny day in May, a new energy bus needed to repair the battery. He Yunfei climbed on the roof, opened the power battery hatch with his colleagues, crouched and carried out a battery module weighing about 150 catties, and replaced the battery. The core is put back in again, and it takes 6 hours to dry. Although the weather wasn’t hot yet, He Yunfei’s clothes were soaked with sweat.

    Bus maintenance is difficult, some faults take a long time to deal with, the working space is small, and the maintenance task in summer is even more arduous. “Under high temperature, the temperature of the engine compartment can reach 50 ℃.” He Yunfei said, in the case of a fuel car, the pungent engine oil smell comes along with the heat wave. The more difficult the maintenance conditions are, the more he will move forward, and he will work hard and take responsibility.

    In addition to the maintenance in the repair shop, the bus failed to move during operation. As the leader of the emergency repair team, He Yunfei often charged forward and rushed to the scene to repair. Participating on duty on holidays and rest days, He Yunfei is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is always in a state of preparation. Sometimes he can’t eat a few hot meals all day.

    “Although it is very hard, I am very happy to see the citizens ride in the car I repaired and travel safely.” He said.

                  Overcome difficulties and improve results through technological innovation

    In recent years, Zhoushan Bus Company has accelerated the pace of replacing traditional fuel vehicles with new energy vehicles, but new energy vehicles are an emerging field, and they are updated quickly, and they are still groping for maintenance. In order to become familiar with and master their performance principles and repair techniques as soon as possible, He Yunfei humbly asked the manufacturer for advice, constantly “charging” himself, and constantly improving in practice.

    In September 2016, the 40 gasoline-electric hybrid buses purchased by Zhoushan Public Transport Company were put into operation soon, and found that they were easy to break down in rainy days. He Yunfei learned from the manufacturer that this type of vehicle model introduced in the East China area has this problem, and the manufacturer is looking for a solution. “Can’t wait! Never let the bus work ‘ill’!” Combining his own experience and knowledge, He Yunfei repeatedly compared the drawings and surveyed the site. After a few days, he finally found the crux and solved the problem.

    There are many examples of improving maintenance efficiency and quality through overcoming difficulties and technological innovation. He Yunfei has at least one innovation achievement every year, and has accumulated more than ten of them. Under his leadership, after the failure of the three-electrical system of the new energy vehicle, the repair shop can usually solve it, and there is no need for the factory to send someone to Zhoushan for maintenance.

    Focusing on reducing costs and increasing efficiency, He Yunfei is also good at solving big problems in maintenance with small skills. “Bus generators and starter motors are easy to break, and a new one costs thousands of yuan. Sometimes it’s a small problem, and it’s fine to fix it a little.” He often uses his spare time to study the principle of parts, and strive to solve the problem with the least cost. During his tenure as a key member of Zhoushan Bus Maintenance Innovation Studio, the studio saved more than 1.6 million yuan in maintenance costs for the company.

    As the backbone of the Zhoushan Public Transport Youth Commando Team, He Yunfei also actively participated in various volunteer service activities, and contributed to the consolidation of the achievements of national civilized city creation and epidemic prevention and control. The commando was awarded the “Zhejiang Provincial Youth Civilization.”

    To ensure the comfort and safety of citizens’ travel with sweat, “brand repair craftsman” He Yunfei interprets responsibilities and responsibilities in ordinary positions.