Haval H9, the “financial artifact” among independent brands, dares to take the lead

As a major assessment of the comprehensive strength of a car, the car value retention rate can be said to be the strongest embodiment of the brand power, reputation, brand service ability and other aspects of each manufacturer, and it is also an important part of the cost performance of a car. Recently, 58 Auto and JD Power released the 2022 “Research Report on China’s Auto Value Retention Rate” and promulgated the “Red Sandalwood Award 2022 China’s Auto Value Retention Rate List”. In the self-owned brand market segment, Haval H9 won the first place in the preservation rate of medium and large SUVs.

Factors affecting the value retention rate of a model often include market ownership, product quality, and market recognition. This time, Haval H9 has been recognized by authoritative organizations and topped the list, which shows that it has a good accumulation in terms of product strength, market performance and user reputation. And it is worth mentioning that this is the fourth consecutive year that Haval H9 has won this honor.

Innovation never stops, defending the hardcore off-road benchmark

Since its development, Haval H9 has successfully achieved comprehensive innovation in dimensions such as off-road performance, forward-looking intelligence, and comfortable experience. It has not only set a new benchmark for hard-core off-road SUVs, but also occupied an irreplaceable and important position in the hearts of off-road enthusiasts.

In terms of off-road performance that users value most, Haval H9 can be described as armed to the teeth. The body of the whole vehicle adopts a high-rigidity body structure, and at the same time relies on a 2.0T+8AT power system, front/rear axle electronically controlled differential lock + central multi-plate clutch differential, low-speed off-road cruise and steering assist (tank turning) When waiting for an off-road weapon, Haval H9 can give users the pleasure of off-roading anytime, anywhere.

In addition to the high-standard off-road experience, Haval H9 always puts users’ needs first, strives to improve the user’s riding experience, and implements the sense of comfort and luxury to the end. Haval H9-2022 is equipped with L2-level intelligent driving assistance functions, which support adaptive cruise, intelligent cruise assistance, forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, lane centering, traffic sign recognition and other functions, bringing great benefits to driving safety. help. The five-seat model (premium/prestige) is equipped with seat heating/ventilation and aviation headrests (rear row), the main driver’s seat welcomes guests and the ultra-quiet vehicle NVH, which also provides daily urban driving. Quiet driving experience.

Combining toughness and pride to build off-road positive energy

As the flagship of China’s hard-core off-road SUV, Haval H9 is the leader of China’s off-road culture with strong product hard-core strength + huge loyal customer base + exploration of off-road lifestyle, and is committed to bringing users an extraordinary experience that exceeds expectations. Enjoy the lifestyle and continue to promote the blooming of Chinese off-road spirit and cultural connotation.

More than a year ago, the number of Haval H9 users exceeded 100,000. Today, the number of registered car owners and members of Haval H9 riders club “Hung Jiu Brigade” has reached more than 30,000, covering the whole country. With Haval H9 as a link, the “Hung 9 Brigade” is closely linked to experience the freedom and love of off-road life through mountains, river valleys, grasslands, uninhabited areas and other areas. And their off-road passion and brotherhood have also attracted a large number of off-road enthusiasts, and the scale of the “Hung Nine Brigade” has gradually grown.

In July last year, extreme heavy rainfall hit parts of Henan centered on Zhengzhou. The disaster was urgent, and the “Hung 9 Brigade” quickly assembled. Haval H9s with “One side is in trouble, all sides support” stickers, from Departures from all over the country and rushed to the disaster area as soon as possible. In September this year, an earthquake occurred in Luding County, Ganzi, Sichuan. There are no heroes who fall from the sky, only mortals who come forward. The “Hung Jiu Brigade” used a vehicle to support the rescue hope channel, and used practical actions to interpret the heroic character of Haval H9 as China’s hard-core off-road SUV.

It is not difficult to see that, with the support of the hard-core product strength and loyal user base, Haval H9 has become a “financial product” in the independent medium and large SUV market for successive years. With the rise of camping in recent years, more and more people are constantly expanding their travel boundaries and exploring diverse lifestyles. To this end, Haval H9 will help more car owners to join off-road travel, enjoy off-road travel, and lead off-road technology. Make progress and jointly build an off-road travel ecology.