Has the situation changed? The Russian Army’s “General Doom” took office only 20 days ago, and the West found something wrong

The Russian-Ukrainian war lasted for more than eight months. Just 20 days after the “General Doomsday” of the Russian army took office, the battlefield changed. Some Western military officials, as well as relevant analysts, found something wrong. They said that because of Sulovykin, he served as the commander-in-chief of Russia’s special military operations in Ukraine. As a result, the Russian army in Ukraine began to show stronger “tactical consistency and efficiency”. According to the latest foreign media reports, there are obvious signs. Compare that with the one he replaced, General Alexander Dvornikov, during his tenure. During this period of time, under the command of Sulovykin, the tactical coherence of the Russian army has been enhanced a lot.

According to a previous report by CCTV News, the Russian Ministry of Defense issued an announcement on October 8. Indicates the official appointment of Sulovykin as the commander-in-chief of Russia’s special military operations in Ukraine. This news can be said to be that a stone stirred up a thousand waves. Because this is the first “official announcement” in Russia after the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, the commander-in-chief of the front-line battlefield. It is worth mentioning that there are also news. Russian President Vladimir Putin is on his birthday on October 7. Call Sulovkin in person to inform him of the appointment.

It can be seen that Putin attaches great importance to it, and Sulovkin is indeed, and deserves to be treated like this. It is reported that Sulovykin participated in the Chechen war in the past, and also served twice as the commander-in-chief of the Russian army in Syria. And it is recognized that the key to successfully turning the Syrian war situation around. Therefore, it is precisely because of it that it has the ability to defeat the enemy “decisively, quickly, and toughly”. So he got the nickname “General of Doomsday” within the Russian army. His ability is indeed outstanding, and it is precisely because of him. When the Russian army was in Syria and was blocked by terrorists. The trapped Russian soldiers were able to successfully withdraw from the encirclement without loss.

It is worth mentioning that since the Russian army conducted a special military operation against Ukraine on February 24. Sulovykin led the group, and the Southern Military District cluster has been in place, and Ukraine has participated in the operation. Among them, the “liberation of Mariupol, Melitopol and Kherson” and other campaigns were also completed by the Russian army under his command. In addition, also under his leadership, the Russian army is still in the Luhansk region, Gorskoye and Zolotoye. Successfully completed the “encirclement and suppression” of Ukraine, the combat group. And what is even more rare is that although he participated in many wars, the Russian combat troops he led have always suffered the least losses on the battlefield. And according to the latest foreign media reports, Sulovkin served as the commander-in-chief, although only for 20 days. But there are already signs that the tactical consistency of the Russian army has begun to increase. Even a senior British military intelligence officer said Sulowkin was now. His “Syria Strategy” is being reproduced in Ukraine. And as a military strategist, in addition to having a tough combat style, Sulovykin also has a strong “efficiency”.

Russian military columnist, Viktor Baranets said. “We must admit that because of Sulovykin, he began to serve as the commander-in-chief. Therefore, there is new hope for the current Russian army.” Later, he also said that after Sulovykin took office, the Russian army began to change in terms of tactics. Like on his first day in office, he ordered a large-scale attack on Kyiv. And since then, there have been several more attacks. The target of the attack is a large number of various infrastructures in Ukraine. At present, almost one-third of Ukrainian power stations have been destroyed by Russian military strikes. And the attack that has continued to the present has also caused the logistics of the Ukrainian army, and there has been a supply interruption. As a result, the combat capability of the Ukrainian army was also adversely affected.