Hard to find one! Need delivery for purchase? There are still people who “don’t die” make their own

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Which is the best seller in the fireworks market this year?

It must be the Internet celebrity fireworks “Gatling” !

Many netizens will hold the video of setting off “Gatling”

Put on major short video platforms

get a lot of hits

However, some netizens also found that

“Gatling” fireworks are dangerous.

What exactly is “Gatling”?

“Gatling” fireworks, named after the Gatling gun. It is mainly a type of small “combined fireworks” composed of more than a dozen or dozens of Lianzhu and spitting fireworks, which is a kind of fireworks and firecrackers. When firing, it forms a firing effect similar to Gatling machine gun shooting, with large charge, fast firing rate and great power.

Internet celebrities are hard to find, and they need to be distributed

Mr. Jiang has been engaged in fireworks and firecracker sales in Yushan County, Jiangxi Province for 29 years. He believes that “‘Gatling’ just came out, and everyone is more curious, and it is indeed more beautiful; the spread of short video platforms such as Douyin also has a certain credit.”

Zheng Liuyi, who sells fireworks and firecrackers in Yushan County, Jiangxi Province, also has “Gatling” at his store, which has also risen to 100 yuan. He said he still has 24 (one box) of Gatling in stock. “The retail price is constantly rising, and the purchase price is getting higher and higher.

“For the Chinese New Year this year, with the adjustment of the epidemic prevention and control policies in various places, more people have returned home. Their children will return to their hometowns to have fun, and the elderly will be more willing to buy fireworks, so it is estimated that all stockpiles will be sold out.” Zheng Liuyi said this year. Business during the Spring Festival is very confident.

Although expensive, Gatling fireworks are still in short supply in some areas. Many netizens said that the sales office of a fireworks and firecrackers wholesale company in Changshu, Jiangsu Province still restricts the purchase of Gatling fireworks. Only the purchase amount of 1,000 yuan can buy Gatling fireworks. One of the netizens said that when he went to buy on the first day of the new year, he went to the factory of the company first, but there were too many people, so he went to the sales department . After buying 800 yuan of fireworks, the shop let him buy a blue fire Gatling .

The reporter noticed that the price of Gatling rose as the Spring Festival approached. Someone bought a blue fire Gatling in Liuyang City before New Year’s Day, and the price at that time was 120 yuan. Someone bought a box of “3+1” blue fire Gatling fireworks for 600 yuan at the factory of the above-mentioned Changshu fireworks wholesale company on January 17, including a Gatling with a base and 3 replacements, all in a set At the same time, at the sales office of the fireworks and firecrackers wholesale company, some netizens went to buy Gatling on New Year’s Eve, and the purchase was already restricted, and they were required to purchase 1,000 yuan of fireworks and firecrackers to buy.

Some people “don’t die” to make their own

Some netizens who can’t buy Gatling or think Gatling is too expensive have assembled a simple version of Gatling fireworks by themselves, that is, they tie together multiple ordinary hand-held bead-type lift-off fireworks and ignite them at the same time when they are set off. Shared self-made tutorials and self-made Gatling discharge effects on the Internet.

How powerful is “Gatling”?

Although the scene of “Gatling” shooting all arrows is very spectacular

But this kind of fireworks is very dangerous

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Since the launch angle of the hand-held discharge cannot be precisely controlled, even if it is launched horizontally, the spit beads have a high rate of fire and a long range, and the burning temperature of the colored beads exceeds 1000°C . Unburned colored beads can easily cause a fire after falling to the ground, and can also injure surrounding personnel.

On January 25, the National Fire and Rescue Bureau released a video of the “Gatling” fireworks display experiment on its official Weibo. In the video, the experimenters hold the “Gatling” fireworks. After they are lit, the spray range of the fireworks is close to 40 meters. When the fireworks splash on the combustible objects, the objects are instantly ignited, and the flames are obvious. The experimenters also found that during the hand-held discharge process, a large amount of fireworks residue will splash down, which may cause the risk of splashing into the eyes; in addition, after the fireworks are set off, the temperature of the ignition port is still above 240 degrees Celsius, and there is a risk of burns.

The experimenters pointed out that the fireworks are actually marked “no hand-holding”, and those who set off the fireworks should follow the instructions.

In addition, firefighters reminded that when purchasing fireworks, they must be purchased on platforms with sales permits. When setting off fireworks, be sure to choose an open outdoor area, away from combustible materials, and minors must be accompanied by adults when setting off.

Firefighters remind everyone that while enjoying the festive season, they should also pay attention to preventing risks. When buying fireworks, choose a qualified business point; read the instructions carefully, and set them off in a spacious and safe outdoor venue; if there is an abnormal situation such as flameout during the set-off process, do not approach immediately, and do not re-ignite; children should be under the supervision of adults. Fireworks are set off under supervision.

Don’t follow blindly

Safety is the most important thing!