[Hangzhou Yixing] What is the difference between domestic injection face-lift and imported injection?

Do you little fairies have the trouble that your best friend’s face is always two circles smaller than yours when taking pictures?

Face-lifting injections can make the faces of the fairies look smaller, and the surgery is relatively safe, because the surgery does not require surgery, it is usually only performed by injection, and the postoperative effect lasts for a long time.

There are domestic and imported face-lift injection materials, so some beauty seekers have asked, what is the difference between domestic and imported face-lift injections? Let’s take a look~

1. The packaging of domestic injection face-lifting is filled with white powdery objects in the bottle, while the packaging of imported face-lifting injection is like an empty bottle.

2. The biggest difference between the two is the difference in dispersion radius. The imported face-lift injection is 1.44 square centimeters, while the domestic injection face-lift is 1.8 square centimeters. The smaller the diffusion area, the less affected the surrounding masseter muscles, and the less sequelae such as stiff facial expression and drooping eyes.

3. The clinical time of imported face-lifting injection is longer and the stability is higher.

2. Domestically produced face-lifting injections are drug-resistant, and imported face-lifting injections are less resistant.

The editor still wants to remind you little fairies that face-lift injection can only improve the face shape problem caused by masseter hypertrophy. The fairies can repeatedly grit their teeth and loosen their teeth to see if the masseter muscle bulges out to determine whether they need face-lift injection~