Hand-tossed UAV successfully tested by Harbin Institute of Technology

Recently, Clear Sky Power Technology, an incubator of Harbin Institute of Technology Chongqing Research Institute, completed the flight test of a hand-tossed UAV.

As the name suggests, hand-thrown drones take off by hand, just like the paper planes we played when we were young. As a fast-response long-endurance reconnaissance device, they can become the “second pair of eyes” for investigators.

According to reports, the hand-thrown UAV has a lightweight body, the body can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and can be equipped with a portable suitcase, without additional take-off and landing auxiliary equipment such as catapults, blocking, etc., only one person can complete the aerial survey task.

“Compared with other types of UAVs, the biggest feature is that it is easy to carry, light in weight, small in size, good in concealment, and strong in flexibility. It can be carried by one soldier and deployed quickly to meet the use in special or emergency situations. Liu Haidong, Assistant Director of the Hydrogen Power and Low-Carbon Energy Research Center of the Chongqing Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology, introduced.

It is reported that the UAV adopts a one-station multi-machine configuration mode. It can be operated through the ground station to complete the task inspection of the operation area, target information acquisition and photographic evidence collection. It can be used in reconnaissance patrols, forest fire prevention and other fields.

Upstream journalist Yan Wei 

Editor: Chen Lu

Editor in charge: Liao Lei

Review: Feng Fei