Hamm hints that Westbrook will continue to be a backup: play at the level it should be

  On October 29th, Beijing time, Westbrook played off the bench for the first time since his rookie season. He may be gradually adjusting to the role, and Lakers coach Hamm hinted that Westbrook will continue to be the sixth man.

  The Lakers introduced Westbrook to make up the “Big Three” to win the championship. Sadly, Westbrook is not compatible with the Lakers, and with injuries, the Lakers have had a bad season.

  At the beginning of the new season, the disaster is still continuing, the Lakers have no choice but to change, and finally let Westbrook play the bench today.

  In the preseason, the Lakers had already tried Westbrook to play the sixth man. Although he didn’t say it, he hinted that he only wanted to start.

  He came off the bench today and performed well, and Hamm spoke highly of him.

  ”I’m going to take my hat off to Westbrook,” Hamm said. “He came off the bench, and he showed the impact he had on the bench. Not only did he keep things going, he could help the team chase points. So tonight his Good role play. When we come back from the injured, we’ll still have him coming off the bench more.”

  Westbrook himself responded somewhat calmly, “still playing basketball,” he said. (Angkor)

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