Hairstyle eye shape adjustment is here! Let you never have eye makeup that can’t be done~

Hi~ Good evening, beautiful girls~

Although I have taught novices how to draw eye shadow and eyeliner before, there have been many sisters leaving messages saying that they are still dirty and swollen when they follow the makeup tutorial step by step .

When some babies learn to draw eye shadows, they only pay attention to how the bloggers use color matching and how to draw, and do not consider how the bloggers adjust their eye shapes with eye shadows . As a result, the swollen eye blisters are more swollen, the small eyes are smaller, and the droopy eyes are even more droopy!

Your Eye Makeup VS Others Eye Makeup‍

Damn… Sure enough , the eyes know how to use the hands ! In fact, everyone’s eye shape is different, as long as you can change the position and range of eye shadow & eyeliner according to your own eye shape , it will make a big difference immediately~

Below, the editor of Mao Geping Makeup School will share with you the “Mao-style eye shape adjustment” .

hairy eye correction

If a makeup novice wants to draw good eye makeup, first of all, they must learn to analyze the characteristics of their own eyes , so as to modify them in a targeted manner and draw eye makeup that suits them .

hanging eye

Hanging eyes with low eyes and high tails always give people the impression of being alert, cold and arrogant.

When applying makeup, we can balance the feeling of “hanging” by strengthening the upper inner corner and lower outer corner of the eye shadow .

“Dangling Eyes” Adjustment Drawing Demonstration

When drawing the eyeliner, be careful not to lift it upwards. The raised eyeliner will make the eye shape more hanging, and it can be naturally sagging and elongated along the curvature of the eyelid .

In addition, the outer corner of the upper eyeliner should be thin , and the position of the inner corner of the eye can be appropriately thickened; the lower eyeliner can be properly drawn at the end of the eye , which can also balance the feeling of “hanging”.

The eyebrows are slightly curved, and the ends of the eyebrows are naturally flat . In addition, the height of the brows should be well controlled , too low aggravates the “hanging” feeling of the eyes, and too high is easy to appear unnatural.

drooping eyes

The drooping eyes with high eyes and low tails give the impression of gentleness and innocence or melancholy.

When drawing eye shadow, we can balance the sagging feeling of the end of the eye by emphasizing the upper end of the eye; the first half of the lower eyelid can also be slightly deepened to appropriately reduce the sagging feeling.

At the same time, we can also use the corrective eye patch to adjust the sagging of the end of the eye. Adjust the angle according to the degree of eyelid drooping  . After sticking , the end of the eye can be stretched out naturally, which can effectively improve the problem of drooping eyelid.

Demonstration of “drooping eyes” adjustment drawing

When drawing the eyeliner, pay attention to the thickness of the upper eyeliner in the front and the back , and it can be thickened and raised before the end of the eye .

Droopy eyes are more suitable for straight eyebrows , and raised eyebrows will make the eyebrows look too wide and the eyes will look more droopy.

swollen eye blisters

The swollen eyelid has a thick fat layer on the upper eyelid, and the bone structure is not obvious , which makes it easy to look unmotivated.

When drawing eye shadow, swollen eye blisters are more suitable for single/two-color eye shadow gradient smudge painting , and the color is best to use matte earth eye shadow.

Don’t choose those high-saturated red eye shadows, orange eye shadows , and pearly eye shadows from Burling, which will only make the eyes look more swollen .

Demonstration of “swollen eye blisters” adjustment painting method

Swollen eyeballs eat a lot of eyeliner , so many sisters will draw a thick and thick black eyeliner from beginning to end, which looks heavy and makes the eyes small . The key is that it is especially easy to faint.

The correct way of drawing is to start from the top of the eyeball with a coffee-colored eyeliner , and pull it out along the root of the eyelashes , and the end of the eye can be slightly raised. This kind of painting method can elongate the eye shape well, make the eyes look bigger , and it is not easy to dizzy makeup.

The eyebrows should not be too thin , they can be slightly thicker; the eyebrow peaks are slightly angular , which can increase the three-dimensional effect of the eyebrows and eyes.

single eyelid

Single-lid eye contour is shallow and tends to look puffy . If the eye shadow range is too wide, it is more likely to be dirty and swollen .

Therefore, when we draw eye shadows, we should pay attention to being slightly narrower vertically and elongated horizontally , so that the edge of the eye shadow can be exposed when we open our eyes.

At the same time, pay attention to the characterization of the tail triangle area and the lying silkworm , which can better enlarge the eyes.

The shadow of the silkworm is placed 2-3 mm directly below the eyeball , and the remaining powder is used to extend to both sides, paying attention to the amount used ; choose a matte or fine-shine eye shadow, and brighten it in the 2/3 section near the inner corner of the eye .

“Single eyelid” adjustment drawing demonstration

The eyeliner of the single eyelid is generally only the second half of the eyeliner , so that it is not easy to be dizzy , and the position is the part that can be seen when the eyes are open.

The eyelashes do not need to be clipped from a position too close to the root. It is not good for the eyelids to press the eyelashes. The key point can be to emphasize the eyelashes at the end of the eye .

In addition, girls with single eyelid generally have a long distance between their eyebrows and eyes. When drawing their eyebrows, they can move the eyebrows down slightly to shorten the distance between the eyebrows and eyes.

Properly establish the effect of “eyebrows and eyes” , but also increase the sense of depth (girls with close eyebrows and eyes omit this lie).

sunken eye

Sunken eyelids are easy to give people a three-dimensional and rigorous feeling, and they will also appear haggard and gloomy .

When painting eye shadows, we can choose light white micro pearl eye shadows to brighten the sunken eyelids , which can appropriately reduce the sunken and increase the softness.

“Sunken Eye” Adjustment Drawing Demonstration

We use shadows to darken the top of the eyebrows properly to reduce the gap between the eyebrows and the depression of the eye sockets .

In addition, the color of the eyeliner can be lighter , too dark color is easy to stand out under the contrast of light eye shadow.

slender eyes

The slender eyes have a squinting feeling, which can easily make the whole face lack expression .

When we describe the eye shadow, we can draw the upper eye shadow higher and higher to neutralize the slenderness; the sides of the eyelids are deepened, and the middle is brightened .

“Slim eyes” adjustment drawing demonstration

In addition, sisters with slender eyes must remember to draw a lying silkworm , which can naturally increase the vertical height of the eyes.

The overall eyeliner should not be drawn too long , the middle part of the upper and lower eyeliners is slightly wider , and the corners of the eyes can be drawn thinner to make the slender eyes round~


To sum up today’s highlights:

Eye makeup is not simply to color, for different eye shapes , we can adjust the eyebrows and eyes to make your eyes reach the most beautiful state.

After finding a makeup method that suits your eye shape, you must pay attention to the makeup method , do not start too hard, and practice more to make your eye makeup cleaner and more delicate.

Well, that’s it for today’s content. Have you learned ” hair-style eye shape adjustment ? When making up, you must learn to avoid weaknesses , in order to be more beautiful and advanced!