Hair transplant or scalp tattoo, which one is right for you?

Did you know that 85% of men over the age of 50 are bald or begin to bald?


Being bald can have a huge impact on a person’s self-esteem, and in the past, there wasn’t much a person could do if they saw themselves bald. Fortunately, today’s technology has allowed both men and women to get their hair back in a variety of ways.



For example, hair transplant versus scalp tattoos is a big decision that more and more people are starting to make. While they can both give you the look of thicker hair, they’re all very different hair restoration methods. But the big question is: which method is best for you?


Read on and learn how to make the right choice for you.



What is hair transplant?

What exactly is a hair transplant, you might ask? It’s actually a procedure designed to make your hairline look fuller and healthier than before. While hair transplants can benefit many people, they may not be right for everyone.


For example, in this hair transplant guide, you’ll find that if you still have hair on the back of your head, but thinning hair in front of your hairline, a hair transplant is a good option. This is because hair transplants require removing hair from another part of the scalp in order to move the hair to the part of the scalp that doesn’t have much hair.


Typically, your surgeon will remove a strand of hair from the back of your head, because even if you’re bald, the hair there should be thick. Once the surgeon removes the band, he cuts the hair strip into many small pieces.


In this way, the surgeon will be able to isolate the individual follicles of the hair. As for the incision in the back of your head, your surgeon will sew it up so that no one can see the scar. The surgeon will then make small incisions along your bald area.


The surgeon will then remove the cut follicle fragments and carefully insert these follicles into new incisions in the scalp. Once done, the transplanted follicles will begin to take root in your scalp. While this may take some time, healthy hair follicles will soon begin to grow and your bald spots will be a thing of the past. However, hair transplants are very expensive.




What are scalp tattoos?

The problem with hair transplants is that not everyone can afford them. What’s more, hair transplantation is an invasive procedure that requires a lot of downtime to heal. Not to mention that you will have to wait months for the transplanted hair to grow back so you can see results.


With scalp tattoos, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. Scalp tattoos are actually very similar to tattoos. It involves adding pigment to the scalp using special equipment.


However, this form of pigmentation is done in a way that mimics the appearance of hair follicles. Specifically, you get a few small dots on your scalp that look like hair follicles. Scalp tattoos are great for those who are completely bald as well as those who have some bald patches.


In contrast, if you are bald, you cannot have a hair transplant. That’s because you need the hair transplant to your bald spot first. If you are bald and decide to get scalp tattoos, you will be able to look like you have a stylish buzz cut.




Of course, since scalp tattoos are a form of tattooing, you won’t be able to achieve any long, flowing locks. However, if you don’t like the look of a bald head, this process may make you look like you have more hair.


But what if you only have a few bald patches? Pigments for scalp tattoos are designed to match the color of your existing hair. So once you’ve done this procedure for your bald spots, those spots will blend in with the rest of your hair. As a result, your hair will look much thicker than before.




Which is best for you?

Deciding between a scalp tattoo and a hair transplant can be difficult, but there are a few things that can help narrow your options. For example, consider your type of hair loss. Do you just have some bald spots, or are you completely bald?


If you have lost all of your hair, a hair transplant is not a good option for you. Even if you are a good candidate for a hair transplant, you need to keep your budget in mind as the procedure is quite expensive.


On the other hand, whether you are bald or only have bald spots, scalp tattoos are a great option. Even if it’s not real hair, it can give you the look of having real hair. Not to mention that scalp tattoos are cheaper (and faster) than hair transplants.




Choose between hair transplants and scalp tattoos



Hair Transplant vs. Scalp Grain: The choice depends largely on your hair loss type and budget. While both options are great, dandruff is more acceptable to more types of people.


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