Haidilao launched the new “Kimchi Duck Pot Dip”, and frequently pushed new products to increase the turnover rate of stores

Beijing News (Reporter Yu Guigui) On October 28, Haidilao held an online conference for new products in autumn and winter, and 11 national products were unveiled, including the “Kimchi Duck Pot Dip” launched by Haidilao aiming at folk dishes. Haidilao said that this year is the third year that Haidilao has continuously launched new products nationwide. The new products in January and June this year have boosted the overall turnover rate of Haidilao stores nationwide.

Haidilao revealed that the new products currently launched have stimulated customers’ desire to buy. Three hours after the online press conference was launched, Haidilao ranked 5th on the platform’s national brand group buying list this week, and the median among Sichuan-Chongqing hot pot brands. 1st place. It is worth noting that the new core product “Kimchi Duck Pot Di” is a special food popular in eastern Sichuan, Chongqing and Miao people, with strong Sichuan-Chongqing flavor and strong brand imprint. After the product development staff of Haidilao carried out the transformation, they launched this Sichuan authentic folk dish.

Song Qing, executive director of Haidilao and director of the product committee, said that Haidilao launched new products this time, and creatively opened up a subdivision field with the sour-flavored pot bottom with duck as the main ingredient, which is rare in the hot pot market at present; in terms of product matching, The products with matching flavors in the four categories of pot bottoms, dishes, snacks and drinks will be launched in a centralized manner to create a more memorable dining experience; in terms of quality optimization, the quality of raw materials, research and development processes and production processes will be jointly improved; “User co-creation” approach allows consumers to participate in the research and development of Haidilao’s new products through new product tasting.

It is understood that at the end of 2021, Haidilao released a new two-wheel-drive product plan of “regional new + national new”. In 2022, its launch of a number of popular new products will play a significant role in promoting new sales and enhancing repurchase. The high frequency of new launches is helpful for brand new and store repurchase. According to data released by Haidilao, two product launches in January and June this year have made the overall turnover rate of Haidilao stores across the country higher than that of the same period last year. Significantly increased.

Editor Wang Lin

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