[Guoguo Daily 105] S12 Opening Ceremony Guests Announced

S12 Global Finals Opening Ceremony Guests Announced

On October 27th, Riot Games announced the guest list for the opening exhibition match of the 2022 Global Finals Championship and Runner-up Finals. Lil Nas X will join hands with Wang Jiaer, 2WEI band members Louis Leibfried and Edda Hayes to appear at the game at the Chase Center Arena in San Francisco. . Lil Nas X will sing the theme song of the 2022 Global Finals “Chasing the Stars”. He also cooperated with Riot Games to design the skin of “Pretty High Heaven Kuisanti”, which cannot be purchased directly and can only be exchanged through the World Championship Pass.

Singer and producer Wang Jiaer will perform the world’s first performance of “Fire to the Fuse” at the scene. The song, co-written by Wang Jiaer and Riot Games Music, is the theme song of the new “Supreme Sky” series of League of Legends skins. It’s unclear what 2WEI’s band members will perform at this opening ceremony, but they sang the League of Legends 2022 season theme song “The Call” in January this year. Those who want to watch the opening ceremony, remember to watch the live broadcast on time at 8:00 am Beijing time on November 6th.

T1 and GEN have priority in side selection

On October 27, the remaining four teams of the 2022 Global Finals successfully arrived in Atlanta to prepare for the upcoming semi-final stage. Greg Adler, the e-sports operator of Riot Games, announced on Twitter the right to choose sides for the two semifinals. T1 and GEN won the coin guessing session and won the right to choose sides in the first round of the semifinals. Judging from the situation in the quarter-finals, the BP gap between the red and blue sides in this version is not large. The blue side can grab a handy hero for the team first, and the red side can keep the Conte position. As for which side T1 and GEN will choose first, we will not know until the day of the game.

LOL mobile game x Jay Chou linkage activity is online

On October 26, the League of Legends mobile game officially announced that it will cooperate with the iron fan star player Jay Chou. From October 26 to November 17, there will be an “unparalleled” theme linkage event in the game. Jay Chou is a veteran player of the League of Legends mobile game. He has played more than 3,000 games and reached the king rank not long ago. The mobile game team has tailored a series of content for Jay Chou, and launched the exclusive skin of Jay Chou, Master Yi, the exclusive skin “Unparalleled Yi”. This skin takes pink as the main tone and comes with electronic sound effects.

In addition to the regular dragon soul crystals, players can also get the avatars and expressions of Jaylen elements, as well as familiar faces such as “Oh, it’s not bad”, “Brother is here, get ready”, “Just ask you, show or not”, etc. Jay’s exclusive voice. In addition, the client has a built-in audio game “Heroes Challenge “Heroes”. Players can obtain music coins by logging in and playing games, enter the event interface to play the League of Legends promotional song “Heroes” sung by Jay Chou, and tap the corresponding electric drum according to the prompts. Get ratings and exchange disc fragments for various bonus items.

Khan has entered service this week

This week, multiple South Korean League of Legends streamers released news confirming that veteran Khan has enlisted for military service, and one streamer shared a photo of Khan shaved head. Khan was born in December 1996 and has long reached the age for Korean men to serve in the military. He announced his retirement after finishing the 2021 global finals. He spent some time dealing with personal affairs this year, and has only now served in the military. Today, some Korean netizens also posted the news, claiming to have seen Khan in the Korean boot camp. It looks like we won’t see the return of Khan, who is currently the anchor of the DK club, for two years.