Gumayusi Lucian’s state is full, T1 2-1 overtake JDG

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Esports Manager Article Insertion

The first match of the 2022 League of Legends global finals semi-finals will be the LPL champion JDG team against the global finals triple crown champion T1 team! The winner will get the first ticket to advance to the S12 finals. T1 continued to focus on the fiery bot lane combination, and selected Lucian for Gumayusi again. Through split push and the ultimate team battle, they forcibly overwhelmed JDG’s strong upper and jungle combination, and then held the match point 2-1 in the next game.

third game

JDG: Crocodile, Foyego, Tsar, Aphelios, Lulu

T1: Captain, Nightmare, Ryze, Lucian, Nami

Foyego grabbed the speed three, cooperated with the crocodile to jump over the tower and killed the captain to get one blood, and then continued the military training to squat in the grass. Nightmare came to help the captain and the two sides broke out in the Ueno 2v2. Foyego was killed but the crocodile got a double kill. Ueno on both sides came back to life and continued to PK in the imperial city on the road. After Nightmare and the crocodile exchanged heads, Foyego tried to jump over the tower and was counter-killed. Aphelios and Lulu also killed Lucian on the line at the same time, but Ryze, who was supported by support, accepted the double kill. The confrontation between the two teams was extremely fierce on the wing. Ryze, who had developed smoothly in the early stage, brought it to the lower half of JDG. A lot of pressure forced them to let go of the two little dragons in the early stage. In about 17 minutes, JDG released the vanguard to advance to the first tower in the middle. T1 tried to launch an active attack, but JDG calmly responded and killed Nami. After the crocodile ambush at F6 to kill the captain alone Replaced by T1.

Just after 20 minutes, T1 was consumed by Luna in the middle. JDG wanted to counterattack but was pulled away. Nightmare backhanded and led his teammates to kill the three of JDG. T1 took advantage of the trend to get the big dragon buff! JDG Nakano was powerless to stop it, but he caught Ryze in the lower half of the wild to get a bounty of 1,000 and a little dragon. Then T1 teamed up and pushed the middle to put pressure on them, jumping over the tower and killing JDG’s double C, but the crocodile was single on the top lane. After killing Ruiz, TP went around and cooperated with the team to start a counter-attack. JDG played a wave of 2 for 4 to contain T1’s big dragon offensive. T1 unhurriedly continued the fierce battle around Luna’s combination and JDG, and forcibly replaced JDG’s bottom highland on the wing, and had a big lead in the situation. After 34 minutes, T1 teamed up and won the second big dragon. In the wild area, Foyego, who was anti-wild, was killed, and then the middle road forced a group to destroy JDG to end the game, winning two games in a row 2-1 to hold the match point.