Guangyu: The player’s strange psychology, after the account is sold, will they still monitor the new account owner?

Guangyu: The player’s strange psychology, after the account is sold, will they still monitor the new account owner?


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The story I want to share today is a real case. My friend of mine bought a size a month ago. Then she always felt that something was wrong and her ex was always staring at her. She also asked her to post pictures every day to see how many candles she ran today. If it is not online, the former account owner will even say, tell her the account password, and she will go online to run the map.

Today’s topic: Strange psychology of players, after the account is sold, will they still monitor the new account owner?

weird ex

The ex here is not referring to ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends, but ex-husbands. After I bought my friend’s account, my ex often asked her to “talk about life”. The reason why my friend bought the account is because she doesn’t want liver and wants to play with us. So buy a finished product directly. Therefore, she may not be online every day at ordinary times, and she only comes up to play occasionally. The former owner was very dissatisfied with this and “scolded” her many times.

Monitor the new owner

In addition to asking for screenshots from friends, if the previous account owner found something, such as clothes that were not changed, she would think that it must be offline again. The former account owner will feel that there is a problem, such as not taking the account seriously, so the candles will not be enough, and even the former account owner is worried that the account will be destroyed… So she will monitor the new account owner. This made my friend very painful, and in a fit of rage, he blocked his predecessor’s account. How can there be such a person?

You should let go after selling

Guangyu’s account, we can understand it this way, when you trade, it’s like selling vegetables, others buy it home, you don’t care whether he makes braised pork or double-cooked pork, how others eat and do it, that’s all other people’s business . Therefore, for the sold account, whether the new account owner runs or not, whether he can graduate, whether he misses the reprint, etc., has nothing to do with you. To put it bluntly, the ownership, decision-making and use rights of the accounts that people spend money on are his.

Topic summary:

To be honest, I have been playing Guangyu for two or three years. If it is not my friend who has experienced this kind of thing, the editor is really “unheard of”. Players in the game, how can this happen? If you can’t bear this number, why sell it? If you sell it, it has nothing to do with you. Whether you like it or not, and how others treat it, it is someone else’s business. “Staring” like this, monitoring the new account owner, is really weird and terrifying.

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