Guangdong’s second-hand car transaction is now stabilizing and rebounding

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Recently, the 2022 Guangdong Used Car Conference with the theme of “New Policy, New Pattern and New Development” was held in Guangzhou. At the meeting, the heads of relevant departments of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce and Taxation Bureau and industry experts made relevant policy interpretations.

This year is a year of major changes and turning points for the used car industry. With the “Notice on Several Measures to Invigorate Automobile Circulation and Expand Automobile Consumption” issued by 17 departments including the Ministry of Commerce, and the “Notice on Improving the Registration of Used Car Market Entities and the Administration of Vehicle Transaction Registration” issued by the Ministry of Commerce and the General Office of the Ministry of Public Security, etc. A series of policy measures have been implemented, and the policy bottlenecks that have been restricting the development of the used car market have been eliminated one by one. Yan Fei, president of the Guangdong Automobile Dealers Association, said that while the used car industry has ushered in the best policy in history, it also has to face related problems caused by the decline in consumer demand and the running-in of new and old policies. All kinds of discomfort. Faced with the coexistence of opportunities and challenges in the implementation of the new policy, how to seize the opportunities brought about by the policy and meet the challenges is a question that every enterprise needs to seriously consider.

Yan Fei, President of Guangdong Automobile Dealers Association

At the same time, Yan Fei also said that used car dealers should respond to new changes in the industry with a positive attitude. Yan Fei said: “With the gradual implementation of various new policies in October, the second-hand car transaction in our province has stabilized and rebounded. The association will continue to play the role of a bridge between the government and enterprises, and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the auto circulation industry in our province.”

At the meeting, Cui Dongshu, secretary general of the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Association and the Automobile Market Research Branch of the China Automobile Dealers Association, gave a keynote speech on “The New Deal for Second-hand Cars Leads the Healthy Development of the Auto Market”, and made an outlook on the future development trend of the auto market. He believes that used car dealers should improve their brand reputation, build stronger dealer system capabilities, and open up the used car industry chain and value chain through value-added services, maintenance and extended warranty, financial insurance and other fields.

Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the National Passenger Vehicle Market Information Association and China Automobile Dealers Association Automobile Market Research Branch

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