Guan Zhilin finally saved the rich woman’s face

Sweaters in autumn and winter have become active. It is a favorite item for women in the second half of the year. Sweaters can not only keep warm, but also enhance their temperament and image. For women, sweaters have too many advantages. The only problem is that the selection of sweaters is too wide, and it is easy to fall into the misunderstanding, or choose the wrong style, or match the problem, it is very easy to wear a particularly expensive sweater to feel rustic and cheap.

The previous goddesses are all old, and Guan Zhilin has also entered the age of 60, but judging from the beautiful photos she posts every day, Guan Zhilin’s state is not old at all, and she is still so charming and well-dressed. In terms of figure, Guan Zhilin also maintains very well, with a slender figure and slender and straight legs, she is really much younger among her peers.

Dressing Tips: Basic Sweater

Advantages: Versatile everyday, decent atmosphere

In the second half of the innerwear items, sweaters have a high appearance rate, but as the age increases, the choice of sweaters slowly begins to change from a cute girly style to a mature and advanced style, after all, the age is there , and then blindly pretending to be tender will only be offensive.

Guan Zhilin is well aware of the pros and cons of this. Although her facial skin is well maintained, with tight skin and few wrinkles, she still looks so young, but instead of choosing a cute sweater, she chose a relatively A mature thick wool sweater, a well-regulated round neck, and a simple version look dignified instead.

Tips for dressing: Older women should not be graceful and not warm

Pros: Warm and comfortable

Nowadays, many people are looking for clothes that need style and not temperature. For young girls, this is not a problem. It doesn’t matter if you freeze a little, as long as it does not affect the beauty of the shape. But for older women, dressing to keep warm is the first priority. After all, age is not forgiving. Choosing a single product with a material that does not keep warm for the concave shape will have an impact on the body.

To keep warm, the material of clothing should be well controlled. Knitting, wool, down and other materials are more warm. Rosamund Kwan’s sweater is a cashmere sweater with a very high thermal insulation coefficient. Besides keeping warm, there is a comfortable wearing experience. It is better for older women to choose However.

Tips for dressing: There are not many accessories, but there must be a sense of essence

Advantages: The finishing touch, creating a ladylike style

In many cases, some accessories can play a decisive role in whether a suit is tall or not, just like a watch. Although the wristwatch was originally made to read the time, the wristwatch has now become a kind of decoration, and its decoration is much higher than the function. Watches with a sense of luxury often need to be carefully selected, and the added value of the brand reflects the high-level and refined sense of shape.

When Guan Zhilin and Lv Liangwei met this time, they both wore expensive watches, which was not only a status symbol, but also highlighted the overall sense of luxury. For Guan Zhilin, there is also a ladylike style that does not need too much explanation, which is very temperament.

Tips for dressing: tassel embellishment enriches visual sense

Advantages: Ambilight, dynamic and eye-catching

To get rid of the monotony of the basic sweater, you can also start with the details of decoration, such as small patterns, fringe lace, etc. These seemingly inconspicuous decorations will not break the harmony of the whole sweater as long as they are not overly embellished, but instead to an eye-catching effect.

The front of Guan Zhilin’s sweater is embellished with green fringes. Combined with bright elements, the whole sweater is not so old-fashioned visually. It gets rid of the monotony of the basic sweater, and is more fashionable and beautiful.

In general, Guan Zhilin’s style and outfit are very in line with the fashion concept of older women. It does not look tender, but also highlights a sense of high fashion. It is very worthwhile for 50-year-old women to learn to wear.

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