grief! 8 celebrities died one after another in 9 days, three of them died on the same day, the youngest was 54 years old

In recent days, there have been news of the death of celebrities in the entertainment industry.

In the past 9 short days, 8 entertainers in the entertainment industry have left us forever. Their departure is a loss for the entertainment industry, and it also makes everyone who loves them fall into sadness.

1. Famous actor Luo Jingmin

On May 26, according to various sources, Luo Jingmin, a famous film and television actor and drama actor, passed away at the age of 67. Luo Jingmin created many classic roles during his lifetime.

He played the role of Wang Manyin in “The Ordinary World”. In 2006, he played the role of Xu Sanduo’s father in “Soldiers Assault”. “.

Zhang Yi, Wang Baoqiang, Zhang Guoqiang and many other actors mourned Luo Jingmin on social media.

Luo Jingmin was a late bloomer, and once performed monkeys in the repertory troupe’s imitation acting class, with a vivid image. From then on everyone called him Monkey, and gradually became Luo Jingmin’s stage name, and his friends called him “Monkey Brother” .

Luo Jingmin was once hailed as “China’s Morgan Freeman”. He has left behind many excellent works and created many classic images in the performing arts circle for 30 to 40 years.

But he is low-key and rarely participates in the recording of variety shows. He once won the Best Low-Cost Film Actor Award for “Grandson Comes from America”. When he came to accept the award, he just thanked his hometown and colleagues, and didn’t say much about himself.

He once commented on his acting career:

“I have been acting in drama for 37 years, and I have been filming and TV for more than 20 years. There are too many people and things to talk about. Every time I shoot a film, I have a new life experience, which seems to be reborn.”

Such an excellent actor, the old actor has left us forever.

Teacher Luo Jingmin, go all the way!

2. Zheng Zhenyao, Golden Rooster Award Best Actress

On May 25, Zheng Zhenyao, a famous Chinese actor and winner of the Golden Rooster Award, died of illness in Australia at the age of 86.

Zheng Zhenyao has starred in many movies, and the characters she created have been well received by the audience. She once played Princess Wencheng in “Princess Wencheng” and Li Xiangjun in “Peach Blossom Fan”, known as the “exotic flower” on the stage of drama.

In 1983, starred in “Old Things in the South of the City” and won the Best Supporting Actress Award at the third “Golden Rooster Award” for the role of Song Ma,

In 2004, she starred in the movie “Beautiful Shanghai”, which won the Best Actress Award at the 24th Golden Rooster Awards.

In more than 40 dramas in his decades of acting career, he has created various images of women with different personalities.

Her performance is delicate, and she has a very accurate grasp of the psychological activities of the characters. Through her performance, she has touched many audiences and left a deep impression on everyone.

Zheng Zhenyao is simple and reserved, with high artistic accomplishment. She is quiet by nature, loves reading, and is not good at socializing. It is also this kind of character that makes her sober, humble and self-respecting in the face of achievements.

Zheng Zhenyao suffered from Alzheimer’s disease in his later years , and was taken to live with his daughter in Australia.

He died of illness in Australia on May 25, 2023 at the age of 86.

3. Actor Zhu Yurong

On May 18, Yu Yong, a film practitioner, made public the bad news, saying that he had received news from many teachers from China Film and Beijing Film Group, and learned that performance artist Zhu Yurong had passed away at the age of 78.

Zhu Yurong was born in Beijing in 1945 and was admitted to the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy in 1957. He has starred in dozens of films such as “Little Bits and Bits”, “Crazy Showgirls”, “Women and Aunts of Huangtupo”, “Lovesick Girls Inn”, etc.

He has performed very well in the TV series “Luo Shen Fu” and “Wang Zhaojun”.

Zhu Yurong has also dubbed voices for many film and television works, including the TV series “Swordsman”, “Legend of the Sea”, “Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace”, “Desperate Strikes Back”, “Titanic” and so on.

Most of Zhu Yurong’s characters are gentle and intellectual young women, and there are also contrasting characters such as conservative and tricky employees and daughter-in-law.

Zhu Yurong later worked as a translation director in a film studio, responsible for the overall quality.

After 2006, Zhu Yurong retired from film work and lived a peaceful life in his later years. Now there is news of Zhu Yurong’s death, I wish Zhu Yurong all the best.

4. Yue opera actor Zheng Caijun

On May 18, according to media reports, Zheng Caijun, a famous Chinese Yue opera performer, died at the age of 92.

Zheng Caijun was born in 1929. In 1940, he joined the “Four Friends Club” in Shanghai, where he worked as a clown on the same level as Lu Jinhua and Lu Ruiying.

In 1951, he was transferred to the Second Shanghai Yue Opera Troupe. He has cooperated with Xu Yulan and Wang Wenjuan for a long time.

Zheng Caijun has played many classic roles, Liu Matchmaker in “Picking up the Jade Bracelet”, Zhao Wenhua in “Pan Fu Suo Fu”, the witch in “The King of the North”, Xu Zhiyuan in “Making a Fuss”, Yinhuan Mama in “Chaoyanggou” Wait, her witty and lively performance left a deep impression on the audience.

Zheng Caijun and her husband Shao Yuanlin also became acquainted because of Shaoxing opera. After the two remarried, they had three children. They were very affectionate and the family of five lived a happy life.

In his later years, Zheng Caijun’s physical condition was not very good, and he needed a wheelchair to go out. Zheng Caijun lived with her children in her later years. She was cheerful by nature and loved to laugh very much. She spent a happy time in the last days of her life.

On May 18, Zheng Caijun passed away at the age of 92. I hope Zheng Caijun will have a good journey, and I also hope that she and her husband can be reunited in heaven.

5. TVB actor Wen Yuhong

Hong Kong actor Wen Yuhong has filmed nearly a hundred TV dramas in her acting career. Although she has always played supporting roles in film and television dramas, many of the roles she created are deeply memorable to the audience.

Mrs. Fang San in Chen Xiaochun’s “Deer and Ding Tale”, Lu Bingbing, Zhang Dayong’s subordinate in “Criminal Detective File 3”, the masculine character “Lu Yufen” in “Wanting Mom”, “Mrs. Li Jipeng” in “Benevolence Decoding II” , “Mother Beer” in “The Devil’s 2.0”, Hong Tianfei in “Record of Forensic Verification” and so on.

Because she played the role of “sorrowful mother” many times, she was also named “Queen’s sad mother” .

Wen Yuhong was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005, after which she received active treatment and had her breast removed after her condition stabilized . In the following time, Wen Yuhong was filming while treating, very dedicated.

In an interview in 2020, she revealed that her condition had improved. It was also this year that she left TVB, where she had struggled for many years, and focused on her own life.

Announcing her marriage in January 2021, Wen Yuhong, who was supposed to enjoy her old age in peace, recently relapsed and deteriorated rapidly, and finally died of breast cancer on May 19.

6. Stylist Zhang Xuerun

Zhang Xuerun, artist from Hong Kong, China, famous image stylist. In the fashion and entertainment circles for more than 20 years, he has served as an image consultant for many well-known artists such as Chen Xiaochun, Guo Fucheng and Chen Huilin.

As a well-known stylist, Zhang Xuerun commented on the artist’s styling without any sympathy, and his attitude towards trends is also very simple.

He has served as the art and costume director of more than 90 films and many TV series, such as “Love Got Talent” and “Who Said We Can’t Love” and so on.

In addition to being a stylist, Zhang Xuerun is also a writer. He has written “Nelson Tells You About Ghosts”, “Opening the Gate of Ghosts” and “Records of Spiritual Fantasies–Renewing the Enchanted Fate”, all based on the experience he encountered while working in the entertainment industry. Written by anecdotes.

In addition, he is also a golden supporting role and has appeared in more than 60 films. For example, in Zhou Xingchi’s “A Happy Event in 97”, he played the role of Aki, which is very impressive.

Zhang Xuerun was found to have committed suicide by burning charcoal. He had dinner with his friends the day before, and there was nothing unusual. He was found dead at home the next day.

According to a friend, although Zhang Xuerun is a well-known stylist, he is often repudiated and is very difficult financially. There is a high probability that Zhang Xuerun chose to commit suicide because of economic reasons.

The departure of Zhang Xuerun was a very big blow to the Hong Kong performing arts circle. Many artists who had worked with him sent messages of condolences.

Zhang Xuerun’s departure is regrettable, and I hope he will no longer have troubles in heaven.

7. Famous Austrian actor Helmut Berg

On May 18, the famous Austrian actor Helmut Berg died in Salzburg at the age of 78.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Helmut Berg was the most popular actor in European film circles . Mutter Berg was also the first man to appear on the cover of VOGUE magazine.

In “Nazi Maniac”, he played the role of Martin, the noble son of a German wealthy family in the 1930s. His image of coquettish, evil, depraved and beautiful has fascinated hundreds of millions of viewers. As a result, he was nominated for Best Newcomer of the Year at the Golden Globe Awards .

“Portrait of a Family” plays Conrad, a student movement leader with a complicated background. Berg has repeatedly mentioned that “Portrait of a Family” is his favorite representative work after decades of filming.

On May 18, 2023, his agent announced the news that Helmut Berg died peacefully in his dream at the age of 78.

Helmut Berg actually said before his death that he had no regrets.

May Helmut Berg rest in peace.

8. Actor Ray Stevenson

According to foreign media reports, British actor Ray Stevenson, who played “Volstagg” in the “Thor” series of films, died on May 21, 2023 at the age of 58.

Ray Stevenson was born in Northern Ireland, England. His father was a pilot and the family moved to Newcastle, England when he was eight.

Ray Stevenson created many classic film and television roles.

He first appeared in “Flying Thoughts” released in 1998. In 2004, he played the role of Knights of the Round Table in “King Arthur” and gradually became familiar to the audience. Played the cunning altruistic leader in the “Divergent” trilogy.

Ray Stevenson and his wife have two children, aged 15 and 12. He loves life very much, especially food, and enjoys life with his family on weekdays. Although he often plays the role of a violent warrior, he often This time I appeal to movie fans not to imitate.

According to insiders, Ray Stevenson was still filming on the set before his death, and he felt unwell and was admitted to the hospital. No one thought that Ray Stevenson passed away like this, but the cause of death was not disclosed.

Actors including Scott Adkins and James Purefoy, who worked with Ray Stevenson, expressed their condolences, calling him a brave and talented man.

I hope that Ray Stevenson will go well all the way, and hope that his family will get out of grief as soon as possible and continue to live.

It is said that birth, old age, sickness and death are the normal state of life, but many people die before enjoying a good old age.

Tomorrow and accident will never know which one will come first. I hope that you in front of the screen will cherish your body and the people in front of you, and have a safe and smooth life!

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