Green “Gong” strategy, Italian-style HOGAN × Gong Jun environmental protection joint model officially released

On October 23, 2022, HOGAN released the new “HOGAN × Gong Jun” environmental protection joint special shoes, and invited the global spokesperson Gong Jun as the chief designer. Inspired by the environmental protection shoes Untraditional sports shoes launched by HOGAN in 2022, the fusion of Italian-style aesthetics and green concepts have exclusively created a special style with Gong Jun’s mark.

For this joint model, Gong Jun specially selected the Untraditional series of sports shoes in the HOGAN H3R environmental protection series for creation. The first appearance of the Untraditional series is the 2022 spring and summer series released by HOGAN at Milan Fashion Week. As a special model for the 35th anniversary of the brand’s founding, HOGAN reproduces the elegance and luxury of the first Traditional shoe series at the beginning of its establishment with environmentally friendly materials. Trend, launched the Untraditional series of sports shoes that re-enact classics and celebrate nature.

It is precisely because of the unique significance and green environmental protection concept of this shoe that Gong Jun and HOGAN launched a joint cooperation.

HOGAN-3R Environmental Series Untraditional Limited Edition Sports Shoes

The co-branded Untraditional shoes were once again injected into creative life by Gong Jun, a wonderful collage of “texture, creativity, aesthetics, nature, and biology”, with a simple, brisk and vibrant design, showing a unique fashion personality proposition, presenting a unique creative style. The new trend of environmental protection fashion.

Inspired by nature, Gong Jun used Untraditional’s white environmentally friendly canvas upper as a canvas, and painted his own painting “puppy” pattern on it, creating a green ecological picture scroll in which nature and creatures coexist in harmony. A cute puppy designed by Gong Jun is embroidered on the tail of the co-branded shoes, as if a puppy follows closely and is full of vitality. The shoelace is equipped with the same puppy shoelace buckle, which can freely adjust the position of the buckle, adding an extra touch of personality to the simple vamp.

The upper of Untraditional sports shoes is made of durable and environmentally friendly canvas material, which collides with textured recycled leather. The two white colors that change from different materials outline the smooth lines from the toe to the tail, and continue the streamlined car line. Simple but long-lasting, richer young and energetic. The bottom is specially made of a pure white environmentally friendly rubber thick sole to create a light and casual atmosphere full of outdoor sense. This joint model is also paired with Gong Jun’s specially designed customized environmental protection canvas bags and shoe boxes. The frank tone is integrated with the HOGAN environmental protection concept, and Gong Jun explores the infinite possibilities of environmental protection aesthetics together in a vibrant atmosphere.

HOGAN-3R Environmental Series Untraditional Limited Edition Sports Shoes

HOGAN-3R Environmental Series Untraditional Limited Edition Sports Shoes

Through this limited edition joint name, global spokesperson Gong Jun expressed his appeal: “The Untraditional sneaker series is a series that I think is very special. It is a replica of HOGAN’s first pair of shoes, Traditional, which carries the The historical imprint of the past, at the same time, it is also the ultimate embodiment of HOGAN’s environmental protection concept, and also represents HOGAN’s continuous attention to environmental protection, a sustainable future cause. Therefore, I am very honored to have the opportunity to create with HOGAN this time; I also hope With this pair of creations of mine, more young people can pay attention to environmental protection together, whether it is plants, animals, or the environment around us, let us protect this blue planet that gives infinite inspiration and creativity to mankind.”

Inspiration evolves and goes back to the past. This time, HOGAN and global spokesperson Gong Jun jointly created a new 3R environmental protection series Untraditional limited sports shoes with innovative ideas to interpret classic genes, explore Italian luxury fashion from a sustainable green perspective, and show a unique new charm. HOGAN sincerely invites the H generation to explore the green “Gong” strategy with Gong Jun.