Grab the new “Hyper SUV” track丨Car Prophet

Eletre is just a corner of the curtain of the times.

The pinnacle of the mountains is the Himalayas, and the pinnacle of the car is the supercar.

In the industry, supercar products have always been regarded as the ceiling of automobile manufacturing. Supercars not only represent the strongest and best product power in the automotive industry, but more importantly, they also represent the pioneering concept and technical direction of the development of the automotive industry. Therefore, many car companies regard the launch of supercar products as the ultimate goal of their own development.

On October 25, Lotus officially launched its all-new pure electric smart Hyper SUV Eletre, which aroused great attention from the outside world. The starting price of 828,000 not only made the outside world realize the potential of Lotus, but also introduced the brand new concept of Hyper SUV into the market.

There is no doubt that this is a brand new track and a new road that no one else has ever traveled. Just like what Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Lotus Group, wrote in the open letter to all employees of the group before the start of the press conference: “Eletre’s new life is just the beginning, and the journey ahead is even more exciting.”

丨High-end personalized car consumption, not anyone who wants to do it

First of all, make a clear position. The arrival of Eletre is one of the epoch-making signs of the supercar market.

This is not only because Eletre is one of the core actions of Lotus, one of the three major sports car brands, to return to the track, but also because Eletre has caused a round of market changes.

Before Eletre entered the market, the ultra-luxury brand landscape had already started to battle round after round. With the help of IPO, Porsche reiterated its electrification strategy again; Ferrari went against its ancestors and launched a new FUV model; even Rolls-Royce, the world’s top car brand, also launched its own pure electric model, the Shining…

There are indications that countless companies are desperately competing for the so-called “high-end personality” consumer market.

In fact, it is also very understandable. From the perspective of consumption structure, after all, consumption upgrading and personalized consumption are the first truth in the universe. The annual sales of BBA and Porsche and other brands have shown that this trend is correct. sex. From the perspective of technology landing, the advancement of electrification and intelligence has also allowed many companies to see the possibility of overtaking in corners.

But that doesn’t mean making supercars is easy.

According to the research report of authoritative institutions, in the eyes of supercar consumers, the gimmicks of traditional car companies and new car manufacturers to release millions of electric supercars are greater than practical significance. In their view, the supercars launched by these car companies are more used to “improve” their own brand technology, and supercar consumers are more willing to believe in the product strength of some “old” supercar brands.

For a long time, the “old-fashioned” supercars built a moat just by relying on the accumulation of technology and huge investment. Aspiring brands breaking into this market are likely to be overwhelmed by the environment these brands create.

It is not difficult for car companies to build new energy vehicles, and it is not difficult to build smart cars, but it is not easy to build a super-million-level electric smart car with track quality and be recognized by a group of consumers who love supercars.

Therefore, in the consumer market of high-end personality, the three major sports cars – Ferrari, Porsche, Lotus, and other ultra-luxury brands are still the main players in this market. Here, it is by no means a market that anyone can come to.

Although there is no pursuit, but for Porsche, Ferrari and a number of ultra-luxury brands, the arrival of Lotus Eletre will still stir their already tense nerves, causing them to feel panic and anxiety.

丨What characteristics should a million Hyper SUV have?

The essence of panic and anxiety is that times are changing and so are needs.

As a super consumer item that starts at millions, the investment in each R&D is huge, and the cost of trial and error is extremely high. Once a brand-new product with a huge investment is difficult to be recognized by the market, it will immediately endanger the operation of the enterprise.

Therefore, when thinking about the future, ultra-luxury brands have always maintained a cautious attitude. In the midst of constant changes, how to find the needs of supercar consumers tests the supercar manufacturers’ understanding of the current supercar consumer market.

What are the needs of high-end individual consumers? The answer to the question may be diverse, but what is certain is that “fuel” is no longer the most typical feature.

In a professional survey report of supercar consumers, the main concerns of supercar target consumers for supercars are: brand value, product performance, cultural identity and the needs of the times.

1) Brand value. That is, the value attribution that a product brand can bring to consumers. Obviously, a super-running product made by a super-running brand with no background cannot evoke the user’s value attribution.

2) Product performance. As an automobile product with a value of more than one million, it needs to have the ultimate surpass in performance. It must give users excellent satisfaction at the product level, and it must make up for the shortcomings of past supercar products.

3) Cultural identity. There is no doubt that super running is about culture and labels. The exaggerated Martha and the high-profile McLaren have a fixed consumer group, and it is difficult for most consumers who pursue the value of life to agree.

4) The needs of the times. Supercar products are not self-rewarding, they need to integrate the needs of the times. Especially in products of this price, more technological attributes need to be integrated.

There is no doubt that Lotus has all these four points. As a brand with a history of more than 70 years, the Lotus brand is very mature and is recognized as one of the three major sports car brands in the world. In the past 70 years, Lotus has firmly marked itself as the pursuit of the ultimate, and has been stubbornly fighting itself on products, launching one classic model after another.

Eletre is the work that Lotus starts from again, and it is also the opening work of a new era for Lotus. Compared to Lotus’ previous models, Eletre created three “firsts” for the Lotus brand:

This is the first time Lotus has tried to launch a lifestyle vehicle, namely an SUV;

This is the first time Lotus has used global strength in research and development. From research and development to manufacturing, Eletre has applied all aspects of the brand’s global strategic layout;

This is the first time Lotus has built a Lotus car in an Industry 4.0 factory.

It is difficult to break through yourself every time, but someone must try bravely.

As Feng Qingfeng wrote in the open letter, “Lotus will surely build a peak of innovation in the future, and when the clouds of doubts and concerns of the old era dissipate, Wanxiang’s road to new life will be paved with golden light. “

丨 Competing for the new “Hyper” track

Since returning to the public eye, Lotus has brought surprises to the outside world almost every year. Whether it is the last fuel car Emira, or the super electric sports car Evija worth 20 million, Lotus’s “E” family is growing, but also let the outside world see the speed of Lotus.

When Lotus’ first pure electric smart Hyper SUV, the Eletre, came to people, countless people were also holding a magnifying glass to see if this Hyper road could be passed.

The word Hyper, the English literal translation is excitement, also has the meaning of excessive energy. In the car, it is undoubtedly a high-performance car that is aggressive and fun to drive.

The term “Hyper Car” was first proposed by McLaren. In 1993, McLaren launched an F1 with only 1180kg, but it can achieve zero-hundred acceleration in 3.2 seconds and a top speed of 386km/h, which is also recognized as the originator of Hyper Car.

It can be seen that the biggest characteristic of Hyper Car is to break through the limit. In the name of Hyper, Lotus hopes that Eletre can bring users a Hyper-like experience and achieve the SUV with the most extreme driving experience in the millions.

Eletre retains the control and driving feeling of Lotus in the past, but also regards breaking the limit as the highest pursuit, which can be described as stubborn and romantic. In terms of speed, Eletre can achieve zero-to-100 acceleration in 2.95 seconds; in terms of aerodynamics, Eletre’s raised spoiler can provide 112.5kg of downforce; in terms of light weight, Eletre uses a visually lightweight interior design An innovative interpretation of…

Extreme speed, extreme aerodynamics, and extreme light weight are Lotus’ skills. The perfect inheritance of Eletre not only brings the ultimate driving experience to consumers, but also reflects the essence of Hyper SUV.

Here comes Eletre, with great attention. The landing of Eletre is just a corner of the curtain of the times.

Under the guidance of the ten-year plan of the “Vision80” strategic plan, what kind of surprises will Lotus bring to us in the future?

In the new era where electric power and intelligence have not yet been deeply finalized, the product form of supercars has not yet been solidified. New concepts, new product forms, new thinking dimensions, and new consumer groups, including Hyper SUV, have left a lot for enterprises. space for exploration. In the context of the gradual rise of the high-end personalized consumer market, what role will Lotus play? The answers to these questions are worth looking forward to.