Grab the best season of liposuction and lose weight in autumn

It is often said that it is easiest to lose weight in the summer.

However, when the summer is really over, do you notice that you are losing weight?

In fact, of the four seasons of the year, autumn is the easiest time to lose fat.

Of course, we also do not rule out exercise and dieting.

But more sisters will choose to solve it through liposuction, because it is convenient and fast, and does not affect normal life.

Liposuction to lose weight

Liposuction is a method of using instruments to penetrate the subcutaneous fat layer through a small incision in the skin to suck out the fat fragments to achieve the purpose of losing weight. It is suitable for body shape shaping.

Correct liposuction to lose weight can improve people’s body (especially women’s effect is better), and can improve health and improve people’s quality of life.

Liposuction and weight loss tips

1. Liposuction is a type of body shape sculpture in plastic and cosmetic surgery. The principle is to suck out the excess fat from a certain part of the body through the method of negative pressure suction, so as to achieve the purpose of local rapid weight loss. The common parts of whole body liposuction are: face, double chin, neck, shoulders and back, limbs, hands and feet, upper and lower abdomen, side waist, upper buttocks, buttocks reduction and buttock lift.

2. Whole body liposuction surgery should follow the principle of “small amount and many times”. Less suction site, less trauma, recovery, less pain, no need for general anesthesia. On the contrary, large-area liposuction is traumatic, painful, slow to recover, and requires a large amount of anesthetics, increasing the risk of anesthesia accidents. In addition, large-area liposuction is a labor-intensive job for plastic surgeons, and it is easy to get tired. Even if there is no life safety problem, the suction accuracy will be reduced due to fatigue, which will affect the surgical effect.

3. Before the whole body liposuction to lose weight, the doctor will communicate with the beauty seeker in detail, and design the surgical plan reasonably according to the beauty seeker’s own situation. The equipment used in the operation is advanced, and the layer-by-layer scanning method is adopted to suck out the excess fat layer by layer. This suction method will not produce uneven phenomenon. And one suction can suck out more than 80% of the fat, which solves the pain of beauty seekers due to the long operation time.