Goodbye LPL! All 4 teams were eliminated from the S12 World Championship, and the best result was the top 4! hope is squirted

In the top 4 of the S12 World Championship, after 4 games between JDG and T1, T1 successfully eliminated JDG with a 3-1 record and advanced to the final. With the elimination of JDG, it also means that the journey of the LPL team in this year’s World Championship is over. This year’s LPL’s dream of trying 3 consecutive championships is completely shattered, and the LCK will once again regain the world championship title.

After the game, JDG’s official blog also fell. Of course, AD player hope was the one who was scolded the most. It was mainly in 4 games. Hope made various mistakes. In the first three games, JDG actually played well in the middle and jungle. Hope will always be caught or opened because the stance is too advanced, giving T1 a chance. So many people scolded hope: every game is his favorite, 369 has already helped the bot lane to establish an advantage, but hope is still giving away, some people bluntly say that next year, they should change AD and come back, just buy Gala directly, and some people ask hope to hurry up retired. Some people angered that JDG is indeed a world championship

After the game, LPL commentator Miller and Xiaosha also analyzed after the game: The first three games actually played back and forth, but there is still a gap in hard power, including the gap in mentality, they also did everything they did, everyone. Don’t blame them either. It’s just that we always felt that our game was not stable. Including the first game, we also had a small advantage, but the economy has not been opened. It reminds me of the game many years ago. The LCK system and understanding of the meta are still ahead.

Beta thinks: I have to admit that this year’s LCK is really strong. In this version, the LPL team seems to have problems with the hero pool, and the tactical reserves are very single. This is not just a problem of JDG’s team. RNG, EDG is the same problem. The biggest problem in JDG’s game is indeed hope. The first game was won by near misses. The key to determining the victory in the second and third game T1 was because of catching hope. Whether he is laning, or his awareness in the mid-to-late stage, he lags behind other players.

Of course, JDG also has players who performed well. 369 should be the most outstanding player in this BO5. Whether it is laning or playing in a team, he is indeed very strong, and all his strengths are shown. It is a pity that he did not get good results. In the fourth game, after being beaten by T1, the mentality of all JDG members exploded, and they started to play around. In fact, it is rare to see JDG playing around like this. The more panic mistakes, the faster the rout.

In any case, it is already the best result of LPL for JDG to reach the semi-finals. It is an indisputable fact that LCK has surpassed LPL again this year. I hope we can learn a lesson and work hard to regain the lost honor in next year’s World Championship!

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