Goodbye, kindle! Xiaomi Ecology launched a new electronic paper book will be the first handwritten book for young people?

As the former king of the electronic paper book market, Kindle has an absolute appeal in the global electronic paper reading book market for a long period of time, and also has a very good reputation among users. However, with the changes in users’ reading habits, many brands in the domestic market have launched electronic paper book products with better experience and richer functions. Coupled with Amazon’s business adjustment in the domestic market, on October 31, Kindle officially stopped the return and exchange service of hardware in China, which indicates that we still have to officially say goodbye to Kindle.

As kindle officially bid farewell to the domestic market, there will always be new products that will shine on the stage of electronic paper books. Just recently, Moan, an enterprise in the Xiaomi ecological chain, has launched a brand-new upgraded electronic paper book – Moan W8. This electronic paper book relies on rich functions, excellent experience and youthful design. Got the attention of many friends. So, will this be the first handwritten electronic paper book for young people?

Younger appearance design, excellent grip

Why do I say that the ink case W8 may become the first handwritten electronic paper book for young people? In fact, in our impression, the main purpose of handwritten electronic paper books is not only to read and find information, but also to facilitate notes or records. And most of the handwriting functions are to meet the needs of business people. Therefore, when designing, most handwriting notebooks will naturally show a business style. This time, the newly launched ink case W8 completely breaks the constraints of this design, and chooses a very youthful lucky green color matching, and strives to attract more young people’s attention from the design.

From the front, the ink case W8 is equipped with a 10-inch ink screen. This size should be a good consideration for portability, reading experience and writing experience. The lucky green frame and the white middle frame make the ink case W8 look very refreshing, and there is a trace of elegance from the scroll when viewed from above. In terms of size, the 240mmx174.6mm panel is supplemented with 6.95mm and 388g counterweight, which makes this electronic paper book feel more comfortable.

It should be mentioned that, in order to improve the user’s reading experience, the ink case W8 is equipped with an ink screen with a resolution of 1600×1200, and the clarity of the font is still very good. The most important thing is that this screen has no screen flicker and is very friendly to reading.

The MOAAN LOGO in the center of the bottom is very natural and coordinated. At the same time, this LOGO is also a function button. With touch, it can make the operation more comfortable and fast.

The back design of the ink case W8 should be one of the biggest highlights of this handwritten electronic paper book. The look and feel of lucky green is very comfortable, and the unique printed pattern makes us who are used to using glass and metal textured electronic products, suddenly have some intimacy.

I touched the back of the ink case W8 plain leather with my hand, and the texture is relatively soft, and it can form a unique pattern when I stroke it with my hand. As the weather gets colder, when reading and writing, holding an e-paper book made of plain leather will not have that uncomfortable cold touch.

In terms of corner treatment, the arc design of the ink case is also very detailed, and it is very smooth when touched by hand. This lucky green matches the curved corners, which is very natural and just right.

At the bottom of the ink case W8, we can see a Type-C interface, a set of speakers, microphones and indicators.

The top is very thoughtfully designed with a power groove, which can effectively avoid accidental touches when carrying it while ensuring good control.

In-depth Android customization, enjoy the library, read freely

As a qualified handwritten electronic paper book, young users’ requirements for products, in addition to screen, feel, and functional design, are also particularly important for content and system experience. So is the Mo case W8 worth recommending to friends?

In terms of functional division, the Moan W8 is still very reasonable. We can intuitively see the date, reading time and application list. Basically, all operations can be directly accessed with one click.

In terms of system, the Moan W8 is equipped with a customized system based on Android 11, and supports the installation of third-party APPs. From the system interface, we can see that Moan W8 has built-in rich reading software such as Duokan, Palm Reading Selection, WeChat Reading, and Jingdong Reading. Even if kindle has announced its withdrawal from the Chinese market, when there is no relevant hardware support, we can still read related content and books through the kindle application. Isn’t this kind of operation great?

With so many apps installed, how is the hardware performance and fluency of the Moan W8? From the configuration list, we can see that the Moan W8 uses a new RK3566 platform dedicated to e-paper books with a main frequency of 1.8GHz. In addition to its strong performance, this processor also has the advantages of low power consumption, low latency and high computing power, making the reading experience smoother. Coupled with the combination of 2GB+64GB of storage/storage space, whether it is reading, reading comics or writing, the Ink Case W8 can easily handle it.

Friends who love to read must know that in different light environments, we have different requirements for reading lights and screen brightness. In order to let small friends find a light suitable for reading experience when reading, Moan W8 has added 24-level cold and warm two-color temperature adjustable reading light, which can help small friends in a variety of environments and under different light conditions. Have a good reading experience. From these aspects, we can feel that a good reading experience is definitely one of the core issues of this electronic paper book at the beginning of its design.

Feel the screen performance of the Moan W8 under different lighting and different display modes, whether in different reading environments, by adjusting the brightness, color temperature and contrast, we can create a suitable reading environment.

In the process of using, I also found that the Moan W8 also has a very interesting little design, that is, a shortcut menu is designed on the left side of the screen. We can start the shortcut menu by touching the edge with an electromagnetic pen.

On the menu function, we can move the shortcuts of all settings and applications in the e-book to this area. If we are reading a book and suddenly have new inspiration, then at this time, we can use the shortcut menu on the left to open the note function and quickly write our experiences and ideas.

In the Moan application store, in addition to downloading some reading software, we can also find some interesting tools, such as Moan Assistant, Moan Recording, browser, etc., each of which is a very useful function.

I tried the kindle I liked to read books before, and found that the experience of the kindle on my own device is not much different from that on the Moan W8, and the library content can also be synchronized normally, which is very convenient.

In addition, I also downloaded third-party comic software, and the overall viewing performance is very good, and the overall refresh status is also very good. Although it is different from reading comics on paper books, the advantages of electronic paper books are that they can enjoy a large number of comic resources and can be carried with you.

Let’s take a look at the content resources. I open a reading application and I find that the content in it can reach more than 800,000 books. If you add the resource library that comes with other software, the goal of a million library can basically be easily achieved. I believe that whether it is studying or resting, there is no pressure to find a book that you like.

Write freely and experience more fun with electronic paper books

Ink case W8, as an upgrade of the previous generation version W7, has also made a big improvement in the Premium electromagnetic stylus that comes with it. The overall shape of the pen is simple and easy to use. In terms of function, this electromagnetic pen does not need to be charged, and it can operate and write on the ink case W8 without a cable.

At the same time, this Premium electromagnetic stylus also supports 4096-level pressure sensitivity. We can realize notes with different line widths through different strengths, which is closer to the real writing feel when writing.

The felt nib used in the electromagnetic pen has very good friction. By contacting the handwriting film on the ink case W8 screen, you can feel a very obvious writing resistance when writing, which can better restore the real feel. There is also a multi-function side button in the middle of the electromagnetic pen, plus the eraser at the end of the pen, we are more handy when writing.

In order to facilitate the carrying of the electromagnetic pen, the ink case W8 also has a very thoughtful design. A magnetic suction module is designed on the side of the fuselage, which enables the electromagnetic pen to be attached to the side of the electronic paper book, which is convenient for carrying and storage. However, I personally feel that the adsorption force is a little weak, and the electromagnetic pen will fall off with a little effort. It is recommended that this part can be strengthened.

In terms of writing, we can choose different paper types according to our usage habits and requirements, such as agenda, Cornell notes, pinyin, letter paper, etc. The commonly used paper styles are covered.

In addition, in terms of notes, this time the ink case W8 provides 8 different pen types and supports 4 different pen widths. Through different combinations, we can achieve different handwriting for writing, with 4096 levels of stroke pressure, there is no problem with the hand and the heart.

When I tried to write, I found that the friction feedback of this Premium electromagnetic stylus in contact with the screen was very comfortable, and it was close to the writing experience of paper. Overall, it was very good.

In addition, if there is a typo when writing, we can easily deal with it through the eraser at the end of the pen.

Finally, look at the effect of writing. The thickness of the overall handwriting is very obvious, which can better show the performance of handwriting after writing with different strengths.

If you think that the ink case W8 can only read and write with the Premium electromagnetic stylus, it is definitely not comprehensive. By downloading the PDF file, we can also write, take notes, mark key points, and circle key information directly on the document.

As a handwritten electronic paper book with a 10-inch screen, it is obviously incomplete without the split-screen function. We click on the split screen function in the top menu of the home page, and we can achieve two different operations on one screen. Mark on the left, write key content on the right, record some of your own experience and experience, and learn more easily.

The battery life is strong, and it can be heard

In terms of battery life, the Moan W8 has a built-in 3200mAh high-capacity battery on a 6.95mm thin and light body. With the professional battery management system of the electronic paper book, the battery life performance is also very good. I am maintaining a basic 2 hours a day. During the reading time, this electronic paper book can ensure 8 days of battery life, and more than 50% of the power is left. This battery life performance should be able to meet the daily experience needs of most small partners.

In terms of other functions, this time Moan W8 also added a set of speakers, we can also use it to listen to the audio book content, and in the function menu, we can also adjust the volume, and there is no need for additional headphones in the experience. to implement related functions.

In addition to adding a speaker to read, the ink case W8 is also equipped with a microphone, which can also realize listening. When we use some applications, in addition to using the screen touch operation, we can also operate through voice input. . From the point of view of the accuracy of speech recognition, the microphone radio performance of the ink case W8 is still very good.

After ten days of comprehensive experience, how is this ink case W8? Anyway, one thing is for sure, the kindle in my desk drawer can continue to hibernate there, and this brand new ink case W8 will take over its job.

1. This ink case W8 has a very good grip. The 10-inch screen and the overall thickness of 6.95mm make it very thin and light to carry, and it is relatively easy to carry. Then, it has a lucky green color scheme. I believe it will be a lot of people like it. Reading and writing electronic paper books are what young people like.

2. In terms of performance and resources, Moan W8 not only has its own reading application, but also is compatible with third-party applications. With good hardware performance, we not only need not worry about device performance, but also allow us to read more It is very important to have a lot of library content;

3. Excellent screen plus 24-level heating and cooling dimming adjustment, this is too important for readers. While satisfying reading in different environments, it can also effectively protect eyesight;

Fourth, in terms of writing, the ink case W8 should be said to have reached the level of top students, rich handwriting types, convenient electromagnetic stylus, plus a good writing experience, the overall is still good in this area;

Fifth, in terms of battery life, this handwritten electronic paper book also has a certain improvement. It also supports speaker and microphone functions, which is still an improvement in the rich experience.

Finally, should I say the last sentence, should the handwritten electronic paper books of young people be different? Rich in functions, comfortable in hand, plus a little lucky green, will you feel that there is more freshness in your life!