Good products Shandong Liang’s unique skills | Solve the problem of “stuck neck”! The first solar cell protective clothing in China

Under the guidance of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality policies, the photovoltaic industry has ushered in huge opportunities. How can the quality and life of solar cells be guaranteed after decades of wind and sun in the open air?

The value of EVA photovoltaic materials developed by Haopin Shandong Lianhong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is reflected in this. It can not only protect the battery from harsh environments, but also ensure the absorption and conversion efficiency of the battery to light.

Lianhong New Materials is the first company to develop EVA photovoltaic film materials in China. It is the first to break the foreign monopoly, solve the problem of “stuck neck” in the industrial chain, and participate in the drafting of national standards for EVA products, and the product quality is at the leading level in the industry. In Lunan High-tech Chemical Park, Tengzhou, Shandong, the EVA plant of Lianhong New Materials is running at full load and high efficiency. Each kilogram of EVA photovoltaic material can be used to make about 2 square meters of transparent EVA photovoltaic film. The EVA photovoltaic materials produced by Lianhong New Materials every day can meet the photovoltaic installed capacity demand of about 96 MW. According to the average sunshine condition of 4 hours per day, it can support 384,000 kWh of photovoltaic power generation per day, and the annual power generation can reach 140 million kWh.

(Reported by Dazhong Daily client reporter Liu Ying and Tang Xiaoning)