Good-looking, easy to use and cheap, this micro-wearable smart watch is really cost-effective

In this day and age, the price of any product with the word “smart” is rising. But the convenience that “intelligence” brings to us in life still keeps us chasing…

The popularity of smartwatches is not for nothing. It not only has a very fashionable style, but also can switch a variety of dial styles at will, record sports data, and make mobile payments. While improving the taste, it also brings a lot of convenience to life.

My daughter has been clamoring for a smartwatch recently. So after various comparisons, I decided to buy a Microwear GT3 max for her, which is very cost-effective. This smart watch is not only stylish, but also rich in functions, and the price is also quite cheap. Let us know about it below!

The design of the outer packaging is very simple, the black box is decorated with a golden logo, which looks more high-end. Whether it is a gift or for personal use, it is of high quality.

Open the package, in addition to the watch and charger, there are certificates and instructions.

The dial of the GT3max is slightly larger, and with a leather strap, it looks neutral and suitable for both men and women. In addition to petite girls are not suitable.

The mirror of the watch is made of sapphire material, which is quite wear-resistant. The 1.5-inch IPS screen has a resolution of 400*400 pixels, and the display effect is relatively delicate. It is worth mentioning that this watch even has IP68 water resistance, so you don’t have to worry about the problem of water entering the watch when exercising, which is more friendly to people who like sports.

There are two physical buttons on the side. The knob is smooth, the button feedback is relatively clear, and the operation feel is relatively good.

The strap also adopts the conventional quick-release design of smart watches, which is relatively convenient to replace.

The strap is a universal size. If you choose another option, you can search a lot on a treasure, so you don’t have to worry about finding a style you like.

From the jumper to the hardware, it fully demonstrates the meticulous rigor of its brand. Although in the smart watch circle, its price belongs to a relatively low level, but it does not cut corners at all.

There is a small protrusion at the bottom of the watch, which is a detector for measuring the state of the body, and there is absolutely no foreign body sensation when worn normally. And unlike most smart watches, there is a long hole on the top, because that is a speaker, yes, the speaker can play sound while connecting to the phone.

This smart watch is equipped with RTL8762D chip. The overall configuration is still good in the market, and the price is very high. Just turn it on, you still need to connect the APP to make detailed settings on the watch.

The APP is called MActivePro and can be downloaded in major application markets. Fool-like operation, even a novice Xiaobai can easily bind.

In the APP, the homepage can intuitively understand the recent physical condition. After a rough comparison, the value is still relatively accurate. On other pages, you can also perform a series of settings, send and receive messages, and manage behaviors according to your usage habits, all of which can be operated as needed.

GT3 max also has a variety of seconds dials that can be replaced at any time. If you don’t like the default dials, you can download as many as 500 styles of dials in the APP and change them at will.

The watch comes with a lot of software, in addition to measuring body data, there are also sports modes, alarm clocks, music, WeChat payment, Alipay payment, you can pay online by raising your hand, which greatly facilitates our life.

The watch is IP68 waterproof and can be worn for all kinds of sports.

This smart watch also supports Siri voice assistant, which is more friendly to fruit phones. And it also supports NFC function, all aspects are very convenient.

Finally, let’s talk about the battery life of this watch. The built-in 270mAh battery has a pretty good battery life. If you use it normally, there is basically no problem for 10 days. Charging is also quite fast and will not affect normal wearing at all.

After wearing it for a period of time, my daughter loves this “Microwear GT3 Max” very much. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also fully functional. Whether it is behavior management or physical condition, you can know at any time. Life payment, NFC, etc., also greatly facilitate daily life.

Such a cost-effective smart watch, whether you wear it yourself or give it to friends and family, is a good choice!

Well, that’s it for today’s sharing! I’m Brother Ming, and I’ll show you more of the good things in life!